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Friday, May 8, 2020

Black Educator Puts the Spotlight on the Next Generation of Youth Leaders During COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr. Candice Lucas Bledsoe

Nationwide — When Dr. Candice Lucas-Bledsoe realized that her annual Cutting Edge Youth Summit with over 300 students, parents, teachers, and community leaders would not take place this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, she decided to pivot. She decided instead to put the spotlight on the next generation of youth leaders during a virtual summit that would continue to motivate and energize youth leaders.

“During these unprecedented times, innovative solutions can inspire students,” says Dr. Candice.

After years of community building, Dr. Bledsoe had joined in with the executive leadership team to create an educational series that includes innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, and academic readiness. After completing a 12 month curriculum, students would present their innovative practices though the Cutting Edge Youth Summit during April 2020. When the coronavirus pandemic began, the executive leadership team quickly developed the Virtual Cutting Edge Youth Summit to continue to motivate and energize the students.

The Virtual Cutting Edge Youth Summit provides an opportunity for students, parents, and community leaders to connect during these unprecedented times. Special virtual addresses include scholars and leaders such as: Dr. Michelle Turner, Executive Director of the USC Black Alumni Association, The Honorable Tonya Parker of Dallas County, WFAA’s Ed Gray, Ana Rodriguez, Managing Director of the SMU Cox Latino Leadership Initiative, and many more.

Students are engaged in this unique virtual conference through programming and via social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. The summit inspires youth leaders to execute leadership strategies, problem solving, and design.

The young social innovators & social entrepreneurs share their stories:

“I believe that innovation is more important now than ever because of how the world and our lives have suddenly changed. We need to adapt to this new normal and that adaption cannot happen without innovation. I think we can each look around and see what is lacking in our society and take some action, no matter how small. Those actions add up and, as a collective, can make a big difference!” — Katrina Csaky, Deerfield Academy, ’21. Founder of YouthTakeAction

“I make change in my local community through the intersection of leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship framework. Innovative solutions can provide new answers to problem solving that can make a stronger market impact.” — Jeremiah Bledsoe, Nolan Catholic HS, ’22, President & CEO of The Bledsoe Creative

“We are so proud to participate in the Young Social Innovators & Social Entrepreneurs Program. This amazing program teaches us how to become innovators and change agents in our communities.” — Thaki White, Cedar Hill HS ’20.

“As a Young Social Innovator & Social Entrepreneur, I create change through my art. The focus of my T-shirt company is to focus on providing more representation of images of African American girls with natural hair. Not only does my business fill the gap of representation, it also inspires other in my community.” — Taylor Neely, Cedar Hill HS ’20.

To view the highlights of the first Virtual Cutting Edge Youth Summit, visit VirtualCEYS.com with password: Jerm2911!

Donations can be made to the summit here.


About the founder
Dr. Candice Bledsoe, founder of the summit and the executive director of the Action Research Center. She also holds appointments at SMU as faculty for the SMU Cox School of Business, Simmons School of Education, and Director of Research & Communications at the SMU Hunt Institute in the Lyle School of Engineering.

Learn more at DrCandiceBledsoe.com

Connect via social media:

Twitter: @DoctorBledsoe
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drcandicebledsoe/
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