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Thursday, September 8, 2022

Carlena Evans, Daughter of Late Actor/Writer From “Good Times” and “The Jeffersons,” Gives Back to Kids in Uganda

Carlena Evans in Uganda

Nationwide — Philanthropist and Founder Carlena Evans, who is the daughter of late actor/writer Mike Evans from Good Times and The Jeffersons, is spreading “good times” on an international level to underprivileged communities.

Similar to a modern-day Robin Hood, Carlena Evans has created an organization called Kidsplosion focused on helping children reach their full potential. Evans will offer the programs in privileged communities and use those profits to provide the same experience in underprivileged communities. Kidsplosion USA is focused on helping children discover, develop and display their dreams and talents. Now, Kidsplosion has a location in Uganda providing children a space to create and dream.

“Only 17% of children in Uganda go to secondary school because they can’t afford it…and an even smaller percentage of those children are girls,” said Evans. “It’s important for boys and girls to be able to afford education. Without education, their talent can only go so far.”

Kidsplosion is intentional in serving and empowering children. Evans is passionate about raising money to provide education for these students and provides opportunities for student sponsorship through Kidsplosion.

To learn more about Kidsplosion and it’s offerings please visit KidsplosionUSA.com

To sponsor a student in Uganda, please visit https://kidsplosionusa.com/kps-uganda

About the organization::
Kidsplosion enables youth to DISCOVER, DEVELOP and DISPLAY their gifts and talents through a variety of creative ways. Kidsplosion instills the idea that anything is possible and encourages youth to pursue their dreams. Kidsplosion offers a variety of events, summer camps and after school programs for children and teenagers worldwide.

About the founder:
A visionary with extraordinary purpose, Carlena J. Evans, M.Ed. is a vessel whose task is to ensure that every child and teen on the planet realizes their worth, potential, and abilities as early as possible. Enriched with an amazing scholastic and professional resume, Carlena graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in Communication, and a minor in English, from Cheyney University. Unrelenting in her work ethic, she continued her matriculation through post-secondary education and was awarded her Master of Education from University of Pittsburgh in the spring of 2010. She accomplished this feat all while defying the odds of being a single parent.

Carlena possesses an incomparable desire for youth and adults alike to realize that nothing is impossible! Gifted with a heart of gold, her genuine efforts are unparalleled in her advocacy for children, students, women, and mothers everywhere. Despite Evans’ infinite successes, she never fails to acknowledge, “Kidsplosion is GOD’S vision and I am honored to be used.”

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