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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Black Author of 10 Books Explores the Domino Effect of Bullying in New Children’s Book

Latifah A. Hameen, autho fo Aleem's New Challenge

Nationwide — Latifah A. Hameen, a published author of 10 books, has just released her first children’s book entitled Aleem’s New Challenge. It was written for the younger mind, ages 7-10 years of age, and it touches on bullying with family members. The main character, Aleem wants to emulate his father, who has anger issues toward his own father. It was like a domino effect and got to a point where the bullying trickled down from the father to the mother and then from the young boy to his sister.

In the book, the father was initially unaware of how his behavior was affecting his son. In the family meeting, he realized how much his anger had affected his family. He also knew it was time to take responsibility and seek counseling to get some help before those issues destroyed his family.

Hameen began her writing career in 2006, and six of her books are about domestic abuse awareness. Two of her books are workbooks (one for teens and one for adults), two are poetry books, and one is about relationship connections. She also has a play written based on her first book, Suffering in Silence: Breaking the Cycle of Abuse and she’s currently seeking a production company to produce it into a movie in the near future.

In 2007, Hameen formed an organization, Healthy Positive Choices, HPC, and it became a non-profit 501(c)3 in April 2011. This organization was formed as a preventative tool to educate teens and adults about the dangers of domestic abuse. She comments, “We hope these educational tools will help them to have a keen sense to identify and detect any signs of abuse. Then, if abuse is ever encountered, they have the knowledge to recognize it and hopefully the inner strength to break the cycle right from the start.”

Hameen also reaches out and gives back to the Black community by donating a percentage of proceeds from her book sales. Her organization, HPC, gives an educational scholarship to a domestic violence survivor recipient at their yearly banquet. She created and offers a 6-hour certification course on domestic violence awareness and a 5-hour workshop on better relationship connections for couples. She offers the course and workshop to churches, mosques, schools, community centers, and other interested groups.

Latifah A. Hameen is a Certified Life and Relationship Coach, Certified Domestic Abuse Awareness Trainer, Self-Talk Trainer, Author, Poet, Educator, and Motivational Speaker. Her newest book Aleem’s New Challenge is available for purchase on Amazon.

For press inquiries, contact lahameen@hpchoices.org or 817-793-0936.