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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Black Female Correctional Officer Speaks Out After Allegedly Being Sexually Harrassed and Assaulted By Deputy Warden

Kimberly Gray

Nationwide — Ms. Kimberly Gray, an African American female officer who allegedly was sexually harassed and assaulted by a Deputy Warden in Ypsilanti, Michigan, is speaking out about the coverup and conspiracy that left her in shock and speechless for years.

Gray says she worked for the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) in the capacity of a Correctional Officer. She alleges that during her tenure Deputy Warden David Johnson sexually harassed her, then assaulted her on camera, after she reported his deviant behavior. Upon reporting the Deputy’s deviant behavior, Gray alleges that she was immediately placed under a sham investigation by Inspector Robin Howard. During which time Mr. Kendal Perry (Labor Relations Specialist at the State of Michigan) ordered for Gray to be written up for not notifying the MDOC that she had another job.

Gray said she never had another job that she owned a business with employees of her own. Gray went on explaining how the retaliation continued on with SGT. Sherrye Brandon who went on social media telling everybody she was crazy when SGT. Brandon knew she was telling the truth (Gray feels she was trying to throw the scent of being a fraud). Lt. Carmina Lee (rumored to be the Warden’s lover) committed a criminal assault (dry stunned Prisoner Ashley Poe #854987) on a member of a vulnerable population of people (prisoners).

Gray said that Lt. Lee harassed her more than anybody. Gray also shared how Ms. Danielle Burk (Labor Relations Board) responded in writing that her reporting Deputy Warden David Johnson opened her up for an investigation. Ms. Katie Garner (labor Relations Board) responded to her in writing that her paperwork wasn’t filed in a timely manner to contest the appointment of Ms. Venessa Love even though Ms. Love was unqualified. Gray explained that Ms. Burk and Ms. Garner of the Labor Relations Board should be held accountable for Aiding and Abetting Ms. Love in the commission of a crime (FRAUD).

Gray said, “Warden Anthony Stewart could have stopped the whole situation but he didn’t have the moral fortitude to do his job. He was just simply too weak to be a Warden and that it takes a strong person to stand up for right when he is not standing with the majority.”

Gray wanted it to be known that the Deputy’s work record was subpoenaed by an ex-coworker (also a victim) of hers who alleges that the Deputy molested her then young daughter. The Deputy’s work record contains several accounts of carnal affairs with women that was victimized by him. The Michigan State Police, Sgt. Detective Baker seized the tape of the assault. Afterward, SGT. Detective Baker insisted that she forget about the assault right after he told her that he had a good working relationship with the MDOC Internal Affairs Investigators.

Gray wanted it be to known that she filed a lawsuit case #23-000051-MZ (Pro Se) in the Michigan Court of Claims against the Michigan Department of Corrections. Gray went on to quote The delayed discovery rule which is a legal doctrine that suspends the running of statutes of limitations during periods of time in which the plaintiff did not or could not discover any injuries by the defendant. She said the court in Michigan ignored this rule because her being sexually harassed and assaulted wasn’t important because her title wasn’t important.

After having knowledge of the abuses of the Deputy, Gray said, “Director Heidi Washington, Deputy Director Ken T. McKee, Kennth MacEarchen EEO (Internal Affairs), The Labor Relations Board, HRD Jonathan Patterson (responsible for hiring and training), Warden Anthony Stewart, Mr. Kendal Perry, and Inspector Robin Howard all conspired through their actions and inactions to silence me.”

According to Gray, Director Heidi Washington has always been aware of all the crimes being committed under her leadership.

Gray says that she was punished by the MDOC for doing what was right. She comments, “This law enforcement agency is ran by a Director whose actions are mirroring the actions of a mob boss. Right or wrong, Director Heidi Washington will protect you no matter what kind of crime you commit or are committing as long as you are in the majority or part of her distinguished clique.”