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Friday, April 19, 2019

Celebrity Interior Designer, Nikki Chu, Creates Curriculum For Design Mecca – An Online Learning Platform For Students

Nikki Chu, interior designer

Nikki Chu, celebrity interior designer

Nationwide — Celebrities including Nikki Chu, Serena Williams, Shonda Rhimes, Spike Lee, Annie Leibovitz and others are helping students fuel their passion through online learning platforms.

Renowned designer, television star and author Nikki Chu create interior design course curriculum for Design Mecca, an online accredited learning center that teaches interior designers how to run a successful business.

The course is instructed by Chu and Monica Wilcox, both professional designers who are experts in the field of interior design.

Recent graduates from interior design school can now continue their education by learning more about the business side of the industry and making a living in the trade. Individuals will be able to enroll in the online school and take classes that provide the knowledge, processes, and tools that will help them create business strategies as an interior designer.

“Design Mecca is a wonderful online program for anyone who is interested in interior design. The courses are web-based and self-paced and the videos are an average of 15 minutes in length. Whether you have had little or no experience in interior design, the classes meet you where you are,” stated Chu.

The course is broken up into 36 videos and 12 modules that students can work through at their own pace. Modules cover topics like goal setting, how to charge for interior design work, creating a following via marketing and PR, building a brand for your company, and much more. Each module includes targeted, downloadable homework; downloadable forms and templates; and a course textbook. Students will have access to the modules and downloadable tools for 15 months after enrolling in the course and will receive a certificate of completion once they’ve finished.

Chu is a celebrity interior designer, published author, and star of her own makeover show called ‘UNBOXED’ with Nikki Chu on the Aspire network. She has 20 years of experience as an interior designer and is a known trendsetter. She’s worked with notable brands like Pepsi, Disney, XBOX, and others, as well as celebrities like Gabrielle Union, Nick Cannon, Tyra Banks, and more. Chu has received honors like Woman of Style, BID Top 20 Interior Designers, and others. Her brand, “Nikki Chu Home,” was also recognized for Best Home Textile line.

Design Mecca’s website isn’t just for online learning, though. It also includes a society where members can discover the latest trends with a curated shopping list, participate in discussion forums, and watch helpful webinars. The site also features a shop, a list of events and workshops, and a blog.

For young professionals interested in expanding their career as an interior designer, visit https://designmeccaedu.com/ courses to enroll.


About Design Mecca:
Design Mecca offers an online course for recent graduates or those looking for a change in career that teaches the business side of the interior design industry. Taught by two successful professionals, each with 20 years of experience, students can work at their own pace learning to create a business strategy, market their company, and create a brand that stands out. For more information, visit https://designmeccaedu.com/

Check out the new episodes of ‘UNBOXED’ with Nikki Chu on Aspire TV, August 8, 2019.


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