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Monday, February 11, 2019

Black-Owned Mama Biscuit Scores Distribution With Walmart, Sam’s Club, Whole Foods, Amazon, and Wegmans With 127-Year Old Family Biscuit Recipe

Lesley Riley, CEO & Founder, Celebrates 4th Anniversary with March 17 Appearance on ‘In the Kitchen with David’ on QVC

Lesley Riley, founder and CEO of Mama Biscuits

Lesley Riley, founder and CEO of Mama Biscuits

Washington, DC — Meet Lesley Riley, CEO of Mama Biscuit® (www.mamabiscuit.com), the family-friendly, all-natural, gluten-free gourmet baking company. What started as a loving tribute to her grandma’s 127-year old family recipe for mouth-watering southern biscuits to comfortable cobblers has now become a popular must-have with over 60 scrumptious products and 32 items in rotation. Mama Biscuit® celebrates 4th anniversary with distribution in Walmart, Whole Foods (selected markets), Sam’s Club, Amazon, Wegmans and QVC and more to come.

“I wanted to create the nostalgia of home cooking from my grandma’s recipes with a modern twist. That is what Mama Biscuit® is. Simple and authentic handwritten recipes passed down from generations,” says Riley. Mama Biscuit®, Riley, is scheduled to appear on ‘In the Kitchen with David’ on QVC, on March 17.

Lesley Riley launched her online gourmet baking company in 2015, after cooking for family and friends for years. The former restauranteur, recipe developer is affectionately called ‘Mama Biscuit’. After trial, tribulation, and rejection from traditional banks to secure funding to launch her business, Riley self-funded Mama Biscuit®, and continues working her day job as an IT Project Manager. “My first baking creation for retail was an Apple Pear Pistachio Gourmet Biscuit, this cleaner, healthy and delicious breakfast/dessert item quickly became an instant hit. Through consistency, word of mouth and persistence, we have secured national distribution from major brands. My team consists of 15 outstanding employees which include family members for quality control, sales, marketing, and support. When you bake with love, you have fun and it comes out in the taste,” says Riley.

Mama Biscuit® is America’s first gourmet biscuit baking company located in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas. Their mission and formula for success are simple: Get back to the basics, keep it tasty without compromising flavor, make small batches, using premium all-natural foods with only the finest, freshest, ingredients. And, always, quality over quantity. Mama Biscuit® has been lauded in the media, with features and appearances on QVC, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, Family Circle, Women’s Business Journal, Maryland Department of Commerce, Country Living, Biz Journal, and Frozen Foods Business. “My grandmother only used a few ingredients for her delicious biscuits. No preservatives, artificial dye, trans-fat, no chemicals, while never sacrificing love. At Mama Biscuit®, we aim to create that one unique experience that takes your taste buds on a flavorful yummy journey. We pride ourselves on bringing a northern flair to a southern classic,” beams Riley.

Mama Biscuit® will expand its services to include easy monthly cooking/baking lessons for children and millennials curated by a former White House Chef.

Riley states, “I want to give my customers and future customers the gift of eating our Artisan sweet, savory, gluten-free gourmet biscuits. I ship them all over the United States and would love for each household to experience them.” Riley donates biscuits to local food pantries, such as the Department of Aging and Frederick Rescue Mission for families. “I never take anything for granted. No matter what opportunities come your way always remain humble. Opportunities aren’t given to everyone,” pleads Riley.

To learn more about Mama Biscuit® and Lesley Riley, visit her website at www.mamabiscuit.com. Mark your calendar for Lesley’s appearance on March 17 on QVC, ‘In the Kitchen with David’. To schedule an interview, contact Karen Taylor-Bass, TaylorMade Media, 917-509-3061.


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