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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

A Father’s Day Story for All Times and Seasons, Agape Love

By Dr. Charles Singleton

Dr. Charles Singleton

Nationwide — Yes, as time goes by, seemingly, for many years now, I have talked and walked alongside my dear friends: Jason, a 37-year old man (son), with verbal and physical birth challenges, and Larry, the father, who loves and cares for him nightly and daily; as the two of them walk as one. Jason, while walking often, must carefully hold on to his father’s shirt or jacket; but he is never left behind. Because, his birth from this motherly earth burdened him with dearth: cerebral palsy, spastic paralysis, apnea-breathing- stoppage, short falls, missed steps; notions of glee, and occasional laughter of liveliness, you see.

Jason’s and Larry’s love for each other speaks to me every time I am with them at Stonecrest Mall, Lithonia, GA, Stone Mountain Park, Stone Mountain, GA, and elsewhere. From this fatherly-loved experience, I am so deeply touched in my heart, mind, soul, and throughout my entire earthly-spirit. Inseparably, you see my friends, father’s love, from this strong man (Larry’s heart-felt example), who helps his son Jason to securely stand, walk and talk, is the absolute mainstay of human kindness and our existence. For there is more to the eyes that we often do not see. Indeed, and truly, this fatherly love and sincere affection is extraordinarily outstanding; father’s love is just “like a mother’s love for her child, she will do anything, she will do it with a smile, and when trouble comes everything is alright, that’s what she will say. She is up early in the morning and sometimes late at night, doing all she can to make everything alright.” — Love Will Go All The Way, Lee Williams & the Spiritual QC’s, 1998

Therefore, Jason, Larry and readers, I present to you, “My Heart Leaps Up,” a selected Father’s Day poem, as previously written by British Romantic Poet William Wordsworth, “The Rainbow.” “MY heart leaps up when I behold A rainbow in the sky: So was it when my life began; So is it now I am a man; So be it when I shall grow old or let me die! The Child is father of the Man; I could wish my days to be Bound each to each by natural piety.” This poem is why Larry and Jason enjoy every moment of the day together, and do not take life for granted. As a matter of fact, to this very moment of caring, Stonecrest Mall Walkers’ participant, Chef Robert Donald said to Larry, “Your son Jason is surely blessed to have a father like you.” Then Larry said, “No, I am blessed to have a son like Jason.” In the words, father Larry, “If you have love for each other, you also have closeness, and if you don’t have love for each other, you don’t have closeness.” The natural piety of Jason’s and Larry’s love for each other is never-ending and Amazing! “Happy Father’s Day to ALL Worldwide from Larry and Jason Lovelace.” And, readers, may the goodness of this special day bring you Agape, “unconditional love,” peace and happiness.

And, everyone, thank you for reading my Father’s Day story I shared with you on June 16, 2015 entitled “A Father’s Day Story: One Day I Looked in the Mirror and Much to My Surprise!

Dr. Charles L. Singleton, a Clinical and Educational Research Consultant, is the Atlanta VA Health Care System (AVAHCS) Outstanding Research Volunteer of the Year Recipient for 2019. He is also the Editor/Publisher of The Family Journal, USA & Overseas, Alston High School Garnet & Blue 1964 Journal and ECSC. ECSU Senior Class 1968 Journal, and the Atlanta Metro Alumni Journal. His brother, Mr. Isreal T. Singleton, is the Editor-in-Review. Those who are willing and able can make a GoFundMe financial donation in honor of a loved one to help with the continuance of their publications.


Dr. Charles L. Singleton

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