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Monday, March 4, 2019

24-Year Old Entrepreneur Who Launched $5 Million Tech Startup Opens Office in Downtown Montgomery, Alabama

Chaymeriyia Moncrief, founder of Tesix Wireless

Chaymeriyia Moncrief, founder of Tesix Wireless

Nationwide — There’s a new mobile service in town and they call Alabama home. Tesix Wireless, which launched just December 2018, hopes to attract millennial customers nationwide who are looking for a transparent and simpler mobile service. With plans for personal use and solo-entrepreneurs, plans will start at just $40 a month and the service is counting on low priced, uncapped and fee-less monthly options to attract new customers.

The company is entering a widely competitive market, but founder Chaymeriyia Moncrief, a fellow Alabamian sees her advantage in the field. With many prepaid carriers being almost priced at what larger carriers are but offering much less, Tesix wants to enter the space and offer not only great plans but more incentives, fee-less options and affordability. With fees sometimes making up nearly 31.5% of consumers wireless bills, this is one of the biggest issues they have with their carriers.

Because Tesix is a millennial-focused carrier, their goal is to take non-traditional approaches to market and gain new customers. With today’s millennials being set on convenience, two of those conveniences being their mobile devices and computers, Tesix wants everything their customers need to be accessible on those two devices.

It wants everything to be easy and virtual. It has no plans to open nationwide stores or go into local or national retail facilities, but the startup does plan to open the one and only store in Montgomery, AL in the summer.

Tesix’s new customers simply get started by doing 2 things: Ordering their sim card and coming back to website to activate; in which is all done on their website. Currently, the carrier only support GSM unlocked devices and offers coverage throughout the US, Mexico and Canada.

Pretty simple right?

Communication is another thing that’s all done virtually, in which they use email, chat and social media messages to communicate with their customers. With staying open until 11pm Monday thru Friday, being millennial based, they are taking genuine millennial measures to connect to their customers.

So why Montgomery, AL?

Montgomery is the hometown of founder Chaymeriyia Moncrief. She wants to build and grow one of the best Tech Startups to come out of the City of Montgomery.

She also feels the millennial, entrepreneurial and innovative culture here in Montgomery and throughout Alabama is the best place to call home for her startup. With over 3,500+ individuals joining her early waitlist and over 42% being Alabama residents, it was only right to start here.

Since launching and opening activations in December, the startup has already activated 67% of its waitlist and number of other activations outside of their waitlist.

Tesix will reside Temporarily in the RSA Building on Dexter in Downtown Montgomery, AL to act as it’s home office until settling in their official headquarters in Montgomery soon.

To learn more about Tesix Wireless, simply visit www.tesixwireless.com


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