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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Black Mompreneur Creates Card Game That Changes the Way Parents Talk to Their Kids

Chelsea Elliott, founder of the EQ Kids Crew card game

Nationwide — Chelsea Elliott, founder of Somocom Lab and Macro Social Worker, has developed an interactive social-emotional learning kids’ card game called the EQ Kids Crew. The card game employs an innovative, fun approach to helping children understand their emotions and developing healthy coping techniques.

Chelsea, a proud mother of two, has triumphed through her fair share of emotional troubles and, as a purveyor of all things mental health, noticed the emotional toll the pandemic was having on her oldest daughter and other families staying home.

She comments, “I saw parents becoming more frustrated with their kids because of a lack of communication. Kids were acting out more and more because of emotional challenges they didn’t have the vocabulary to talk about. I know how it feels to not have my voice heard as a child. My goal is to change that.”

Armed with the feelings wheel and her passion for protecting the mental health of children and families, Chelsea created the EQ Kids Crew Card Game. The crew consists of a diverse group of children who are teaching about emotions and different ways to manage them.

The non-competitive conversational card game comprises seven different play styles and allows players to act, imagine, role play, and even move around in a bid to learn the necessary tools to elevate their emotional intelligence.

“This is not a business, it’s a mission.” — Karen Hunter, radio host of The Karen Hunter Show and publisher

Elliott’s mission is to help children develop their voice to grow into emotionally healthy adults who understand the importance of setting boundaries, having self-awareness, and fostering healthy relationships.

For more information and/or to purchase the game, visit SomocomLab.com/shop

For press inquiries, contact Chelsea Elliott, MSW at (614) 398-1632 or hello@somocomlab.com