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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Black Mom Whose Book Features 116 “Love Letters” Written For and By Black Women is Planning a Documentary

Cherita Weatherspoon

Nationwide — In honor of Black History Month, Cherita Weatherspoon, the Founder and CEO of Spoonfed Motivation Publications, proudly presents an electrifying must-read and a possible documentary project for Love Letters to My Girls: 100+ Black Women Speak to the Hearts of Black Women & Girls compiled by Cherita herself. From classrooms to boardrooms, this literary masterpiece is a welcome addition to the behind-the-scenes trusts of the Black experience.

Love Letters to My Girls, focusing on an audience from ages 18-55, amplifies the voices of Black women embarking on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. These women, driven by dreams and aspirations, navigate obstacles with unwavering determination. Whether pursuing education or striving for personal growth, they confront self-doubt and societal barriers head-on.

In the pages of Love Letters to My Girls, readers encounter a symphony of resilience and hope. These seasoned women share their triumphs and tribulations, offering invaluable insights into the complexities of their experiences. The ageless message found on the pages of Love Letters to My Girls should be passed on from sister to sister as part of their survival kit. This anthology fashions a beautiful collage under a mantra stating, “I have been there, done that, and still survived.”

Tai Abrams was moved to write this 5-star review, “This book is my tribe, my support system, my go-to resource to support me when times get a bit rough and even when I’m totally winning. Every last woman in this book is impressive and has an amazing story to tell that inspires me and pushes me to keep moving forward. It is a wonderful gift for all the young women in my life and I would highly recommend you sharing this precious gem.”

With Love Letters to My Girls, Spoonfed Motivation Publications delivers a dynamic celebration of Black excellence and resilience where empowerment knows no bounds and voices ring loud and clear.

For more details about the book, TheLoveLettersProject.com

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