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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Black Teen From Canada Wins $10K Scholarship For Making Her Prom Dress From Duct Tape

Chidinma Onwuliri

Nationwide — Chidinma Onwuliri, a 17-year-old high school student from Toronto, Canada, is one of two winners of a $10,000 college scholarship award for making their prom outfits completely out of duct tape.

Onwuliri won the prize from the contest conducted by Duck Brand called Stuck at Prom wherein the participants were challenged to make their own prom outfit out of Duck Brand duct tape and/or crafting tape and submit a picture wearing it.

The contest said two winners — one for best tux and one for best dress — would be awarded $10,000 each. Onwuliri won the tux grand prize.

Onwuliri decided to unleash her creativity by creating a pink suit with her own design. Having been close to her older brother while growing up, she said she is a self-proclaimed natural tomboy.

“I couldn’t leave my spontaneous tomboy side out of my piece, so I decided to make a suit instead of a dress,” she said in her contest entry.

She said she spent 30 hours and used 12 duct rolls in creating her pink tux that showcases “the beauty of masculinity and femininity when they are put together.”

“I am more than proud of the piece of art I was able to create. I am truly happy for the opportunity to present this piece to the world as well as the message I wish to share through it,” she added.