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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Childhood Best Friends Release New 594-Page Book That Celebrates Black Love and Romance

The journey to true love can be short or long. Pain-free or painful. Smooth or rugged.

Authors of 'BT and Lo' book

Nationwide — A group of Black authors who grew up as childhood best friends has decided to write a book together that accurately depicts Black women and how they are portrayed in stories about love and romance. Their new book, BT and Lo and Other Love Stories, tells the story of Bryce Thomas (“BT”) and Loretta Dubois (“Lo”) and explores their journey of marriage, love, pain, forgiveness, depression, and more.

Lo is a breathtaking, talented 25-year old actress, the sixth child in a family of eleven children. BT is a handsome, successful, 33-year old Wall Street attorney, who sweeps Lo off her feet. They are sailing toward marriage when their love story comes to an abrupt halt. Well-meaning relatives and not-so-well-meaning suitors, do all they can to separate the two lovebirds. An unthinkable tragedy threatens to be the final obstacle that is too painful to overcome.

Can their love survive these twists and turns? The book also features the more seasoned love stories of Geraldine (“Gerry”) and Carlton, and William and Ruby. Does age and longevity guarantee lasting love? Is forgiveness enough to save a relationship? These are just some of the storylines which will make you laugh, cry, recognize yourself and those you love, and restore your faith in the power and triumph of love.

The book’s three authors — Aleta Mack, Dawn Slade, and Amanda Hayes — have co-written a love story that is sure to please.

“We wrote BT and Lo and Other Love Stories to capture the stories of people we know and love,” says Aleta. “We feature the love stories of both young and older couples, because everyone, at every age, craves love,” says Amanda. “I am excited that we were able to showcase black people in love—not hate,” adds Dawn.

“Admittedly, writing three intertwining love stories was challenging,” says Amanda. “The biggest challenge was blending the voices of three very distinct authors into one cohesive piece.”

“If you know each of us personally,” says Dawn, “you will recognize who contributed which section.”

Despite the challenge of blending writing styles, the result is a warm, engaging, authentic, celebration of love. Who doesn’t love a good love story?

BT and Lo and Other Love Stories (ISBN 978-0-9861486-9-9) was released just in time for Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2022. The 594-page book is a hearty read that sells for $39.99. For more details and/or to purchase the book, visit BTandLoBooks.com

For more information or for press inquiries, call Dinkins Slade Hayes, Inc. at (619) 440-8888.