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Friday, October 7, 2022

Black Dad of 2 Makes History, Revives a Century-Old Nigerian Writing System Using Children’s Books

The South Nigerian writing system, Nsibiri, can now be learned from a 43-page children’s book written by ed-tech educator Chinua Mosley.

Chinua Mosley, author of Nsibiri Anatomy

Nationwide — Chinua Mosley, a father of two children and the writer of the unique children’s book, Nsibiri Anatomy is on a mission to bring back the South Nigerian writing system Nsibiri. Based in Covington, Georgia, his language and writing-focused book is currently available via Amazon, and Black parents and educators across the world have another children’s book to add to their bookshelves that benefits the whole family and community. 

Nsibiri Anatomy (ISBN: 979- 8-9860644-0-6) is an educational tool for those to learn Igbo, Nsibiri, and even English all at once. This book is designed for English-speaking families to learn the Nsibiri symbols starting from the basics.

Nsibiri Anatomy takes care of all of these needs as well as being fun, educational, and visually striking. The characters are pictured learning different body parts along with facts about each. Readers will discover the English word for each body part on the left-hand side of the page while learning the Igbo translation and Nsibiri symbol on the right-hand side. Words along with matching symbols accompany each teaching. Mosley has included pronunciation breakdowns in the book to assist readers with the annunciations of the Igbo words. The picture book features characters that are children of color. Mosley hopes to inspire children across the African diaspora to learn the language and writing.

Author, artist, and educator, Mosley created the multilingual children’s book that promotes the Nsibiri writing system. While many people today still speak Igbo in the modern world, Nsibiri is being left behind. According to the educator, the witting system created in 400 AD is on the decline. Mosley states, “Nsibiri is an African writing system that originated in Nigeria and it uses symbols to stand for entire words.” His vision aligns with the Nigerian graphic designer, Chiadikobi’s mission to bring back Nsibiri via fonts and a dictionary.

Being an advocate of representation and culture, Mosley states, “There is also a lack of melanin in children’s books. Even among the books that do have diversity there is a lack of darker skin,” Black children across the diaspora will get to discover how to write new words in Nsibiri while encouraging parents to keep African culture by sharing the traditional writing system. Mosley knows Black families and educators will get to embrace their multicultural roots by learning Nsibiri from Nsibiri Anatomy. He states, “Adults may enjoy learning the language and writing with their children.”

Parents who would like their children to connect to their African roots, and educators who are looking to sustain African traditions can learn more about Nsibiri Anatomy by visiting Chinua Mosley’s Amazon author page.

Chinua Mosley is an African-American educator, artist, and new author of the children’s book ‘Nsibiri Anatomy’. He is a native of Lithonia, Georgia, and currently teaching in the UAE. With two sons of his own, Mosley’s desire to keep the South Nigerian heritage alive extended to his 2022 publication. Keeping the core of who he is as an educator and advocate for representation, Nsibiri Anatomy doubles as an educational resource and positive imagery tool for children, families, and educators alike.

Mosley’s educational experience is not limited to African heritage & culture. While he is the author and illustrator of his new children’s book, he is also a technology & design educator.

For press inquiries, contact (770) 966-3612 or mrchinua@gmail.com