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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Black Woman CEO to Teach Webinar on How to Cash Out in the Medical Cannabis Industry

The event, hosted by Cannabis financial planner Cimone Casson, will focus on Black and Brown communities in the growing cannabis sector, and overcoming hurdles in investing, finance, branding, licensing and politics.

Cimon Casson, founder of Cashing Out in the Cannabus Industry webinar

Nationwide — The eagerly webinar called ‘Cashing out on Cannabis Social Equity’ has moved online, and will be held as a virtual event. Cannabis financial planner Cimone Casson is pleased to welcome everyone to what she calls “the dopest” online business event to be held on Wednesday, June 3, 2020 between 7-9pm EST.

It’s time for everyone to join the ‘Green Rush’. The cannabis culture and the Black and Brown communities intersect and that’s where this year’s event will shine its focus. Attendees will get to know powerful strategies and tools by which to invest, brand, finance and leverage their businesses and close the wealth gap as they go about creating multi-generational wealth.

Other featured speakers include:

* Seun Adedeji, the 25-year old founder and CEO of the Elev8cannabis brand. He is the youngest Black man in America to own a retail cannabis dispensary.

* Dr. E. Lance McCarthy, a nationally recognized economist and investment advisor with a specialty in urban development. His is also the co-founder of 1000 Jobs, an initiative that has developed a platform of coordinated efforts to create 1000 Jobs in Ferguson

* Jewel Jones, the youngest politician to ever be elected in the state of Michigan. He won a landslide victory by winning 64 percent of the vote against Republican Robert Pope.

Register now for the seminar below:


The online event is being organized in collaboration with Minorities of Medical Marijana, a large trade group for people of color in Cannabis. The award-winning advocacy group aims to create, promote and support an equitable and inclusive cannabis industry.

“This year’s event is designed to share information and address some of the biggest hurdles for minorities entering into the Cannabis Space: Politics, Investing, Financing, and Banking, Branding, and Licensing,” says Cimone.

Among Cimone’s latest endeavors is to launch a campaign for raising over USD $1 million in seed money via Reg CF to establish an insurance company. This will help create competitive pricing in cannabis businesses, and will be the first step towards a Pre-IPO.

“Our goal is to offer investment opportunities to individuals that have been left out in the past while creating a solution to the overpriced premiums set for Cannabis business due to lack of competition to create risk management packages specific to the unique business needs,” says Cimone.

The campaign is being handled by Fundanna Crowdfunding.


About Cimone Casson
Cimone Casson is a cannabis financial planner and the owner of Cannas Capital, an insurance company that focuses on the protection needs of cannabis and crafting brewing businesses. Cannas Capital produces tailor made insurance portfolios for legal marijuana businesses and craft brewers allowing them to operate with the same peace of mind as other companies despite their unique risk. Cimone frequently speaks around the country on the importance of minorities investing in cannabis via co-op crops and stocks. She also educates individuals on how to create cannabis-based stock portfolios. Cimone holds three securities licenses as well as insurance licenses for life and health. Learn more at www.ccimonecasson.com

About Minorities for Medical Marijuana (M4MM)
Minorities for Medical Marijuana Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization focused on providing cannabis advocacy, education, outreach and training to communities of color throughout the country. The cornerstone of its mission is fostering inclusive and equitable cannabis public policy, healthcare awareness, business development, and social reform. The organization is committed to cultivating a culturally inclusive environment where diversity of thought, experience, and opportunities are valued, respected, appreciated and celebrated. Currently, M4MM has a presence in 25 states throughout the country and was awarded 2018 Cannabis Industry Organization of the Year designation by Cannabis Business Times.


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