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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Meet the Woman Helping Black Entrepreneurs Invest in Cannabis Stocks

Cimone Casson, founder Cash Out Cannabis seminars

Detroit, MI — Michigan’s Green Rush is getting a much-needed injection of diverse voices into the burgeoning industry. Cannabis Financial Planner, Cimone Casson, has teamed up with Minorities for Medical Marijuana to launch a groundbreaking seminar aimed at educating and empowering African-Americans, the Latinx community and all other people of color to join the burgeoning sector.

The “Cash Out on Cannabis” seminars are a five-city tour that will lean into the intersection between Black/Brown communities within the cannabis culture to provide attendees with powerful strategies and tools for leveraging cannabis; and investing to shrink racial wealth gaps while creating multi-generational fortunes.

Some of the cities that will be enlightened by this extraordinary seminar will be:

* St. Louis, MO
* Detroit, MI
* Atlanta, GA
* Chicago, IL
* New York, NY

Cimone is seeking to spread the word about opportunities to build wealth in the “Green Rush”, “Cash Out on Cannabis” will provide a clear path into cannabis industry through investing via stocks, co-op farming, and microbusinesses. The one-of-a-kind event will offer its audience foundational knowledge about investing and explain the role of the venerated stock market to communities with limited exposure to personal finance.

“The stock market is the one economic engine that has not excluded African Americans and other people of color,” says event creator Cimone Casson. “Our goal is to provide people who’ve historically been denied access to wealth building tools the necessary education to take advantage of the opportunity to learn the stock market and get into the cannabis industry on the ground floor.”

The five-city tour will also feature a live D.J. to set the atmosphere for cultural inclusion. To register for the tour and to learn more about the promotional discounts, visit https://mailchi.mp/f5ad29726ceb/5px5s5r5xx

For more details about Cimon Casson, visit http://ccimonecasson.com


About Cimone Casson:
Cimone Casson is a cannabis financial planner and the owner of Cannas Capital, an insurance company that focuses on the protection needs of cannabis and crafting brewing businesses.

Cannas Capital produces tailor made insurance portfolios for legal marijuana businesses and craft brewers allowing them to operate with the same peace of mind as other companies despite their unique risk. Cimone formerly held three securities licenses and currently holds insurance licenses for life, health, property, and casualty.

Cimone holds several leadership roles in the Cannabis and Civic Space. She currently serves as the Planning Commissioner for her local municipality where she approved the first Black-owned Dispensary in the area and organizing “Redevelopment Over Gentrification” programs. She has also worked tirelessly with her hometown of Muskegon Heights, MI to become a Recreational Municipality and take advantage of the Social Equity Program provide by the State of Michigan. She also serves as the Chairwoman for the Lake Newago County Chapter NAACP and has a focus on Health and Wealth in Cannabis. Lastly, she is the President of the Michigan Chapter of Minorities for Medical Marijuana and along with other members of the organization feed the Men of the EXIST Program Monthly; and volunteer for Expungement Initiatives.

As an investor, she has invested in Cannabis Stocks since 2015 when she made her first Cannabis Stock Trade with $980 and grew that portfolio into a $20K (Marijuana Stock Portion Only). Now she has created a program to train others on how to “Cash out on Cannabis” via Pot Stocks. The courses can teach anyone to make a confident decision while investing in the Cannabis Industry. The course is designed to teach a Seminar and Masterclass that teaches individuals how to navigate through the volatile, yet emerging environment of the Cannabis Industry.

Cimone frequently speaks around the country on the importance of minorities investing in cannabis via co-op crops and stocks. She also educates individuals on how to create cannabis-based stock portfolios and often serves on several Cannabis and investments events. Including Brown Girls Do Invests Cannabis and Conversation.

The brand of Cimone Casson is far reaching, having over 5 million viewers on several different social media and internet platforms as the #DopeChic who talk money, stocks, and weed.

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