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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Civil Rights Activist Essie Berry Calls Out CVS Pharmacy For Sexual Harassment and Assault

Essie Berry

Nationwide — Civil Rights Activist Essie Berry, the widow of the late Fred “ReRun” Berry from the 1970’s sitcom What’s Happening is stepping into the ring with CVS Pharmacy. She has filed a complaint on behalf of Ms. Deborah Johnson, an employee of CVS Pharmacy previously known as Savon Drugs Store, who has been employed since 1995. The incident of retaliation and discrimination took place when Ms. Johnson when she spoke out against the predator who committed sexual assault & harassment acts against her at the CVS Pharmacy located in Montclair, California.

These allegations have reportedly been covered up since 2009 until now. Berry says that Johnson has had a severe meltdown and has been under doctor’s continuous care mentally, physically and emotionally for the past two years. Even more, after careful consideration and a full analysis and investigation of Ms. Johnson’s case, it has been determined that she has been victimized as well as traumatized by the CVS Pharmacy Store Manager.

Berry comments, “It is my clear understanding after having a conversation with Ms. Johnson’s therapist that all allegations of abuse did indeed occur. CVS Pharmacy Human Resources did nothing to stop the manager’s actions of becoming a predator to Ms. Johnson, Nor did CVS Pharmacy protect her from the ongoing aftermath. Over a decade later, CVS Pharmacy’s code of conduct and sexual harassment policies were violated.”

Berry says that Ms. Johnson’s voice has been forced to be silent for years. She comments, “The horrific sexual assault & harassment that has transpired over the years are unacceptable. Ms. Johnson has a long road to recovery mentally, physically and emotionally, and has to continue to live through this nightmare of sexual assault, harassment, bullying, retaliation, discrimination a daily basis.”

According to Berry, numerous complaints have been filed against this manager pertaining to sexual harassment and retaliation. She says, however, that CVS Pharmacy Human Resources turned a blind eye to what happened. She comments, “I am not completely sure which is worse, covering up the sexual assault & harassment as if it didn’t happen to protecting the vicious predator, or even worse, silencing the victim for years to protect the image of one of their store managers that was in an authority figure of the company.”

She continues, “I am now asking Mrs. Karen Lynch, the current CEO of CVS Pharmacy, to hold their management and team member accountable for his actions and not allow these actions to continue to go on against an African American woman or any women that are employed by CVS Pharmacy. Enough is enough! It’s now time for Ms. Deborah Johnson to move forward and heal from this tragedy and come to a peaceful resolution for the damage that was caused to her health.”

For press inquiries, contact Essie Berry at civilrightsactivistessieberry@gmail.com or 202-425-1901.

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