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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Popular Female Comedian, Heather Hatton, Named As One of the Sexiest Women in Comedy

— Talented, beautiful and famous standup comedian, Heather Hatton, breaks into the list of the top sexiest comedians in the world. —

Heather Hatton

Nationwide — Popular for her hilarious stunts and performances on stage, Heather Hatton, otherwise referred to as the “Sexiest Women in Comedy”, “SBIC” affectionately, known is ranked amongst the sexiest female comedians in the world. The list of top 10 sexiest women in the business of comedy, was compiled by Talktome, an entertainment website.

Many lovers of comedy are thrilled and entertained by the comedians’ stunts on stage and what they say, but not too many take the time to appreciate their looks. Heather ranks as one of the funniest in the game, but in addition to her sense of humor and talent in making other people laugh, her stunning figure and looks have also made fans want more of her.

Heather features on the list of the sexiest female comedian as the only black, and this is quite unsurprising considering that she once had the thought of being a model. While her looks and figure might not be appreciated on the runway, she has been able to thrill fans with funny jokes and sensual comedy act on stage.

Heather appears 4th on the list and one can hardly argue about her featuring on this list as she has the looks and figure to rank on any such list anywhere in the world.

Other female comedians that complete the list include Chelsea Handler, the frequently topless comedian, the naughty actor and comedian, Sarah Silverman; popular Saturday night live host and actress, Tina Fey, and the list is completed with Nicole Arbour topping the list.

Fans can only expect more from this young, beautiful and talented lady as she shows the world what she is made of.

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