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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

#BlackBoyMagic: 10-Year Old Author Pens His Own Book Series for Kids

Voracious reader turned writer inspires people young and old with his love of books and writing

Connor Benjamin Littlejohn, 10-year old author

Connor Benjamin Littlejohn

Washington, DC — Great works are known to come in small packages, and the Tag, You’re It! book series is living proof. Written by 10-year old Connor Benjamin Littlejohn, the three-book compilation is a hilarious story of middle school friends who come together to fight off zombies, monsters, and robots in an effort to save their town.

Published in 2018, the short chapter books (Zombie Tag, Freeze Tag, and Laser Tag) are uniquely designed for young readers. The books have been shared with and enjoyed by elementary school students across the country from New York City to Nashville to San Francisco.

When his fourth-grade English teacher gave his class an assignment to write a “spooky story,” Connor – an already voracious reader – decided to take the assignment a step further. With the help of his mom, he hunkered down over Christmas break to complete his first chapter book Zombie Tag about a boy named Jake and his adventures with friends.

Since then, he’s followed up the debut story with Freeze Tag and Laser Tag to complete the series. Teachers and parents alike have applauded the series, calling it a godsend for reluctant readers who long for more interesting children’s books.

“I purchased this book as a read-aloud for my 4th grade class,” said Kate, a fourth-grade teacher. “My students laughed out loud while listening and were inspired by the creative voice of this talented young author! The cliffhanger at the end left us all very eager for the second installment of the series!”

Said Nicole, another teacher, “My students [fourth graders] begged me to read this book aloud to them each day. We all found the book incredibly engaging – action packed and hilarious all at the same time. We cannot wait for the sequel!”

While becoming a published author at the tender age of 10 is an accomplishment many could only dream of, it’s just another day for Connor. In addition to writing, he is also a gifted pianist who, when not working on his stories also produces original electronic music on Garageband.

“I’m really happy that my books are giving kids like me a chance to see themselves in fun stories,” Connor said. “I love to read and want to encourage other kids to read great books and maybe even write new books of their own.”

A reader with an insatiable appetite for books, Connor has been known to plow through up to three books in one day. He counts Dan Gutman, James Patterson, Andrew Clements, and Judy Blume among his favorite writers, and plans to be as prolific as his literary heroes one day.

The Tag, You’re It! series is available on Amazon.


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