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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

English Teacher Launches Magazine to Celebrate Black Virginians

Cydny A. Neville, founder of Virginia Black Lifestyle Magazine

Nationwide — “We wish to plead our own cause. Too long have others spoken for us.” — Mr. Samuel Cornish and Mr. John B. Russwurm, Freedom’s Journal. It is with that moving spirit and energy that motivated Cydny A. Neville, an English teacher from Triangle, Virginia, to launch The Virginia Black Lifestyle Magazine, LLC (VBLM).

Having watched countless stories in the news, telling false narratives about Black lives, she decided to control the narrative and create a medium where Black Virginians could contribute to the narrative by telling the tales of their own successes, trials, triumphs, lifestyles, and more in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Cydny comments, “It is important that we know and celebrate our truths, our accomplishments, our greatness, and that our children understand that ‘Our Narrative Matters!’”

Cydny is a proud alumna of Virginia State University where she majored in English and minored in Mass Communications. She served as Photography Editor for The Statesman, has worked professionally as a freelance writer, created the “Dumfries Community Column” for a Northern Virginia print newspaper, and hosted a television show in Prince William County for four seasons. She comments, “I understand how challenging it is to break through the communications field, especially for young Black creatives. This is why I decided to launch the Internship program, which caters to students from Virginia’s five Historically Black Colleges and Universities!”

Her magazine is currently seeking writers, editors, and photographers to contribute to their narrative by crafting stories that matter to the community. Please visit here to learn more about the program and apply! They are also welcoming support from funders who are interested in sponsoring their Internship program, as they provide up and coming talents with a stipend! They encourage sponsors, and organizations who would like our coverage at events, to contact us directly.

“In addition, we are also hiring Freelance writers! It takes a village to capture the narrative…and besides, I teach full-time!” she comments.

As a magazine, they survive off of advertisements and sponsorships. They encourage potential sponsors and organizations looking to reach our market, to learn more, and to inquire about their advertising opportunities.

Also, be sure to connect with them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Also, connect with their Publisher/CEO on her public Facebook page!

Virginia Black Lifestyle Magazine (VBLM) is a digital medium created particularly for Black citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia, featuring lifestyle content that celebrates our culture and information on current events, education, parenting, wanderlust, agape love, politics, business, fashion, and more. VBLM answers the call for the need to have a platform to: serve the Black Community, magnify our achievements, and amplify the magic.

For press inquiries, contact cydnyn77@gmail.com