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Friday, December 13, 2019

Meet the Black Entrepreneur Behind the Latest Advances in 3D Scanning and Printing

After reading an article about a 3D printed gun, Capture It in 3D CEO, David Lynshue, knew there had to be a better way to utilize new 3D technology.

David Lynshue, founder of Capture It in 3D

Nationwide — It wasn’t long ago when RPI graduate, David Lynshue, came across an article about 3D printing and how such technology could be used to manufacture guns. The article both terrified and intrigued him. As a father of three children, he knew that making guns more accessible would not be beneficial and could certainly cause more harm than good. However, he was most intrigued about the advancements that were being made in the field of 3D printing.

As a computer systems engineer, he had always been interested in how systems function. He began researching more into the field of 3D printing and postulated that 3D printing would soon become as popular and as available as conventional 2D printing. At that time, companies’ primary focus was on 3D printing. However, there were very few companies focused on capturing the data required by 3D printers to produce a product. An idea was born. David quickly obtained two website domain names, CaptureMein3D.com and CaptureItin3D.com, and he incorporated his business.

With just an idea in mind, David purchased a few structure 3D scanners, recruited some friends, and he began scanning people everywhere at Comicons, weddings and award ceremonies. Everywhere he went, so did his scanner, and people always had the same reaction. They were both mesmerized and fascinated by what they saw. With just a tablet, scanner and good lighting, he was able to 3D scan a person on site in less than 3 minutes. The scan data could then be transformed into a miniature figurine. As time went on, David and his team would end up scanning thousands of people. He would end up acquiring more high tech scanners with higher resolution and greater capabilities. He would get his first large contract with the Hyatt House and Hyatt Place, and be commissioned to design about 100 custom trophies. The creative agency with whom he worked would ultimately be a finalist of the 2019 Annual Shorty Award.

David knew that his business would one day reach more people and more companies. He would have to do more than make 3D printed figurines. His company, Capture It in 3D, would have to become the best at mobile 3D scanning. He hired the best 3D modelers in the industry to help. These modelers were used to working in the digital space, but they had to be trained on how to prepare 3D data for 3D printing, a skill that required years to master. Accustomed to 3D modeling from scratch, his modelers would have to acquire a new skill, how to use 3D scanning data to make a usable 3D model. This was not an easy task, as the 3D scans were high resolution and very large files. Computers had to be able to accommodate the scans, and his modelers would have to learn to work with millions of polygons, a collection of vertices and faces that defined a shape, something they had never done before. The modelers would continue to use their existing skill of 3D modeling to design new objects from drawings, and prototypes could then be 3D printed. He would also use his own skills in computer-aided design (CAD) and acquire new 3D modeling skills along the way.

Companies began reaching out for his services in numerous industries, including Art/Sculpting, Creative Marketing and Theater. He was contacted by Waze, a Google subsidiary, to design custom trophies. He also had the honor of working with the internationally known bronze sculpture Studio, StudioEIS, to revolutionize the sculpting industry by using 3D scanning for digital preservation, rescaling and 3D printing. Within only a few years, his company, Capture It in 3D, has become well known in the industry and is now the go-to company for on site 3D scanning and 3D modeling. CI3D’s consultation services are invaluable and provide the missing link between a client’s vision and the final digital or physical product.

It has not been a smooth ride, as with any new technology and new industry, the learning curve is very steep. However, David is fortunate to have been a pioneer in the 3D industry. He has collaborated with numerous experts in the field to further expand his knowledge of the industry. The technology is still fairly new, and very few people know about all of the 3D services currently available. David hopes to change this, as his company motto states, “Finally, a full 3D service available for everyone.”

For more details about his company, visit http://www.captureitin3d.com


David Lynshue