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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Just Days After Keshia Knight-Pulliam Announces She’s Pregnant, Her Husband Files For Divorce — Wants Paternity Test

Keshia Pulliam-Knight Wedding

Nationwide — Former NFL player Ed Hartwell and his wife actress Keshia Knight-Pulliam are calling it quits, just days after she announced on social media that they are expecting a child together. According to court documents, Hartwell was the one who actually filed for the divorce, claiming the marriage is irretrievably broken with no possibility of reconciliation. He is also requesting a paternity test when the baby is born.

37-year old Knight-Pulliam, best known for her role as Rudy on the hit 1980’s sitcom “Cosby Show,” and 38-year old football star Hartwell were just married six months ago. The wedding was a surprise wedding to their guests who thought they were attending a New Year’s party.

“We did it literally in our living room in our home,” Pulliam said on her podcast, Kandidly Keshia. “We come from large families. I’m one of four, Ed is one of six. We invited people. They had no clue they were coming to a wedding. They thought they were coming to a New Year’s party.”

Last week, when she announced her pregnancy just last week on Instagram, she seemed to be very happy, posting a picture and saying: “Surprise!!! We have a new addition coming soon… Tune into #KandidlyKeshia this week for the details!!”

One family friend has the inside scoop. She comments, “It’s just that he had told her he wanted to wait before having a baby and things got really bad between them and then she pops up pregnant. He even told her he didn’t want to release the bump picture so soon, but she did it anyway.”