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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

“In My Early 30’s, My Doctor Told Me I Had Early Menopause and Could Never Have Children… But A Year Later I Got Pregnant”

By Debra Peek-Haynes

Debra Peek-Haynes

Nationwide — Many of us take things for granted. I was guilty, too.

Thinking that whenever I decided to have children it would happen, I decided to start a family over 25 years ago. After a considerable time period, I stopped taking birth control pills and expected that I would conceive within two months. After only one month my cycle stopped and I began feeling out of sorts. Within a few days I made an appointment with my OBGYN, expecting a simple explanation. When she said the words “premature menopause” instead of telling me I was pregnant, I was stunned.

My faith sustained me

This all began a serious journey I had never anticipated, but it also began one of the richest, most fulfilling experiences I could ever imagine. After two years of seeking advice from five top physicians who only offered a hopeless prognosis, I was devastated but still determined to find someone to help me in my goal of conceiving. My faith sustained me, and my prayers were eventually answered when, through a series of circumstances, God led me to the holistic physician Jewel Pookrum, MD.

The overall journey helped me relate to many women who suffer in silence from infertility, especially in the African American community. We suffer at alarming rates from fibroids, endometriosis and many other issues related to our reproductive health. God is a God of hope, but sometimes you have to build hope through changing your mind and your behavior. Dr. Pookrum led me into a new way of thinking that helped me change my lifestyle. Amazingly, I found that, through her guidance, I was actually re-learning things I’d been taught by my wonderful mother – like how I should drink ginger tea, eat green vegetables, and many other wise pieces of advice for keeping my body in healthy condition.

We must feed our bodies

Knowledge is powerful and I learned that most illnesses can be greatly reduced through healthier eating habits, along with detoxing and exercise, but it all starts in the mind. Today I speak on many health issues that all have a common denominator: good nutritional habits. I recently became an ambassador with the American Diabetes Association to help spread knowledge about the positive impact of healthy eating, regardless of the disease being addressed.

Every organ in our bodies is connected, so when one organ malfunctions others try to overcompensate and the body is stressed. We must feed our bodies the right fuel to reduce, even heal, our illnesses. That’s why I wrote The Beginner’s Guide to Healthy Living, a book that simplifies how anyone can begin to lead a healthier lifestyle.

No matter your plight, there is hope. After two years of seeking a solution to my infertility, I began Dr. Pookrum’s program, lost 19 pounds of waste in thirty days, and became pregnant in a year. Fast-forward: My daughter graduated from Howard University in 2015. God is able.

Debra Peek-Haynes is an author and long-time holistic health champion. She is also a community health ambassador for the American Diabetes Association. For more information, visit www.debrapeekhaynes.com and download her “Debra’s Healing Kitchen” app (available in the iTunes App store and Google Play).


Brenda V. Peek

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