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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Bronx Female Rapper Turned Author Promotes Self Care with a New Twist on Coloring Books for Women of Color

Dejha B., founder of a coloring book series for women

Nationwide — Meet Dejha B., the founder, creator, and author of Dejha B Coloring LLC which produces a series of coloring books for women of color that are designed to promote self-care. A native of Bronx, New York, her first book titled, Color Your Dreams Into Reality: An Adult Coloring Activity Book for Dream Chasers Paperback, has received five-star ratings and rave reviews from readers who recommend the book not only for adults but for young girls and teens of color to encourage them and to boost their self-esteem.

Since then, Dejha has created 9 more coloring books including a kid’s version of her first book. This invaluable compilation is perfect for “mommy and me time.” Moms and daughters can express themselves collectively while discussing their dreams.

The books come right in time to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month, helping Black sisters and daughters with self-care.

A recent submission by Dejha helps many to relive that time when life was so much easier. It allows you to push the reset button and relax from the worries of the day. According to Dejha, “During the worldwide pandemic in 2020, I started to feel stress and anxiety and a friend suggested coloring books, but when I went hunting for coloring books for adults, I realized the market lacked diversity as well as inspiration.”

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), Black women have a three year less life expectancy, on average, than white women. The cause of their earlier demise may likely be related to stress, but Dejha has a simple answer to those worrisome woes. Why not return to a time full of youthful exuberance and playful expression?

Through her coloring book series designed to inspire women of color, Dejha is pushing back the clouds of stress to allow the colorful rainbows of endless possibilities to emerge. In October of 2020, Dejha decided to create a coloring book that catered to women of color showing Black and brown hues in a positive light while promoting self-care. In addition, each page has an inspirational quote, poem, or dream chaser activity to help the reader relax, de-stress, decrease anxiety, focus, and get creative. As an added special bonus, you can scan some of her books and listen to music created just for that edition while coloring. This added feature sets the atmosphere and adds to the tranquility of the moment.

About the author
Growing up in one of the toughest areas of the Bronx, New York, Dejha learned at an early age how to escape the wiles of the urban community by delving into entertainment and art. She is a hip-hop rap artist who carries herself in a more dignified fashion not conforming to the stereotypical images of her genre. Her love for writing has flourished and led her into other avenues to explore. She is a mother, businessperson, boss, songwriter, rapper, and most recently an insightful creator of coloring books.

Dejha wants to give back to the community through her company Dejha B Coloring LLC. She is an example to others that dreams can and do come true. Her books are available on DejhaBColoring.com and Amazon.

For media inquiries, contact info@dejhabcoloring.com