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Monday, October 30, 2017

Atlanta Educator Launches ‘Gifted & Lit’ – A Cartoon Series That Uses Hip-Hop to Educate Students

Derek Collins, creator of Gifted and Lit

Derek Collins, creator of Gifted and Lit

Atlanta, GA — Parents, teachers, and school systems looking for new ideas to engage and connect with students will soon have a dynamic resource to help them when Atlanta educator, Derek Collins, launches his Gifted & Lit DVD program in December.

Gifted & Lit is an innovative program that uses Hip-Hop to teach students lessons in math, science grammar and more. The program, produced by Diversion Center, delivers positive music that is catchy, educational and fun. But that’s not all. Gifted & Lit features lively animation, modern beats, lyrics and positive information designed to influence children and help them develop a love for learning.

Research shows that positive engaging music increases retention of information by 15-20%. And Hip-Hop is one of the most popular musical genres among youth. In fact, Howard University allowed a graduate student, Felicia Gangloff-Bailey to conduct a year-long research on a popular Hip-Hop study program, Hip-Hop Scholars, which found that the use of Hip-Hop as a concentration tool promotes critical thinking, welcomes diversification and examines the importance of culture.

Derek Collins is the CEO and Founder of Diversion Center. The Atlanta resident also boasts a Masters Degree in Education, specializing in instruction and curriculum development. Questioned about the motivation to create the Gifted & Lit DVD, Collins explained: “I saw the impact that Hip-hop has on today’s youth so I created this program to educate students and remix the traditional way of learning.”

Gifted & Lit is a refreshing way to help students grasp difficult lessons in grammar such as nouns pronouns as well as arithmetic operations like multiplication and division. Anyone who loved the hit ABC series, Schoolhouse Rock, will love this modern, animated, musical DVD.

The Gifted and Lit DVD is scheduled for release on December 1, 2017. Each DVD is priced at $29.97; however, schools can purchase bundles of 10 and 50 at a reduced cost. And as the launch will be just in time for Christmas, the DVD is an excellent gift idea for children.

For further information or to pre-order copies, visit: www.giftedandlit.com.


Derek Collins

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