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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Disturbing Video Shows Children Engaged in Organized Fighting at a Daycare

Children fighting at a daycare

Children fighting at a daycare

St. Louis, MO — An alarming video that shows several preschoolers (one white and one Black) punching each other has put Adventure Learning Center in St. Louis, Missouri in a bad light after the teachers allegedly organized the fight club. Most of the children in the video that are cheering on the fight appear to be Black, and so does one of the teachers. Both teachers, however, were immediately fired after the incident, but the mothers of the children have filed a lawsuit and want the daycare ultimately closed.

The video shows the young boys wearing oversized Incredible Hulk fist gloves pounding each other’s heads. A teacher can also be seen excitedly jumping up and down apparently cheering them on. Only another preschooler can be seen trying to break the fight.

The video was captured by the 10-year old brother of one of the participants, who was in an adjacent room. He quickly sent it to his mother, who called the school director. The director acted upon and stopped the fight. A surveillance camera on the daycare captured over 30 minutes of fighting.

Two teachers who were involved in the incident were immediately fired. After police and state investigation, however, there were no charges filed and the center continued its operation.

The mothers of the two children filed a lawsuit claiming that their son “continues to suffer injuries to his body, as well as mental anguish.” They demanded the daycare to be closed. A case trial will be held in December.

Meanwhile, Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s office declined to prosecute. In a statement, it acknowledged the fact that the adult supervisors had a poor judgment but noted that there was “insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that any laws were violated.”

State regulators increased inspections following the incident and they found different violations, but nothing that could shut down the daycare.

Watch the live footage below:

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