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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Black Business Woman Takes Organic Farming Roots to the Next Level — Launches New Vitamin And Supplements Brand!

Dolores Hewitt, founder of Regale Health

Dolores Hewitt, founder of Regale Health

Southeast Queens, NY — Dolores Hewitt, reminisces well about her organic roots in health. She is dug deep in appreciation for eating the natural goodness of her Caribbean homeland. Organic and natural Caribbean farming is inspiring this Black Business woman to supplement peak health and fitness with her emerging Regale Health vitamin company.

With reverence she shovels up memories about the physically demanding yet equally satisfying farm work that forged her health focus on the island of Jamaica, West Indies. It evidently made her a resilient, powerful, and natural proponent of vitamin health supplements.

Hewitt reflects and shares the indelible impression her childhood, on the Island of Jamaica, had on her passion to eat healthy, organic, and natural foods. “I know what it is to eat what we grow, and my family grew a wide variety of staples such as yams, rice, vegetables, peas and beans, roots such as turmeric and ginger and tropical fruits that were easily and readily accessible,” states Dolores.

Hewitt is confident she was able to live an active life, growing up as a child in the West Indies, because of almost religious insistence by her family on supplements like cod liver oil. Despite the unsavory taste, to her as a child, she learned to appreciate cod liver oil as “being loaded with Omega-3 Fatty Acids.” Ms. Hewitt is adamant that her family’s early nutritional foods and supplements impacted her lifestyle in a positive and empowering way.

She insists, “I loved taking every opportunity to participate in physical activities which included netball, long jump, high jump, running, skipping, softball, and bicycle riding among others. I just always loved being physically active and enjoying the rugged outdoors. This continued into my college years where I played netball and hockey.”

She feels the organically grown foods she ate on the island of Jamaica were the springboard for her subsequent active years. She adds, “After learning the benefits of cod liver oil later in life, I have no doubt that together with the eating natural and healthy, being physically active, absorbing the Omega-3 fatty acids from the cod liver oil tablets, I had a great foundation for a healthy life.”

“Having these first hand experiences of the benefits and importance of effective supplementation were really the force behind me creating the Regale Health brand – knowing that others can benefit in the same way I did and continue to do today.” As a busy student, who traveled the world, doing her college and graduate studies in chemical and environment engineering, she realized how important vitamin supplements are for people like students who live very demanding lives.

Also professionals, business people, and other busy individuals tend to have less than perfect nutritional meals. The resilient entrepreneur reveals, “My supplementation continued through my college years with primarily multivitamin and iron. Being a busy college student, and not getting as much vitamins and minerals as I ought to from my diet all the time, supplementation was necessary for me to function well and study effectively.”

Dolores Hewitt is obviously someone cultivated from her earlier childhood and later training in technology and engineering to produce a high quality vitamin supplement brand. And producing high quality vitamins isn’t just a business investment to Ms. Hewitt.

She is dedicated and inspired to truly make a mark in the burgeoning vitamin supplement field producing standout high potency products. Dolores isn’t just satisfied with quick sales but lasting nutritional health benefits.

She explains, “The vitamin and supplement manufacturing industry has exploded over the last 5 years mainly from an increased demand from larger mainstream, health conscious consumer base, and an aging population. With this we also see an opportunistic behavior solely to capitalize on the trend rather than a genuine care and interest for those who will consume these products.”

When asked what makes her supplements standout in a sea of competitors Dolores Hewitt conveyed with confidence and assurance: “Our products are either plant-based, all-natural or organic with non-GMO ingredients. We care about the long term health and wellness of our consumers and so we ensure our products are sourced from reputable manufacturers with a track record of trust and transparency. Added to that we also have third party testing of our supplements, to ensure we are passing on to our customers that which we requested.”

Hewitt also shares another insight, “Optimal absorption of active ingredients in the body is what will determine the overall effectiveness of any vitamin or supplement, and so all our products are created with this in mind. The ingredients themselves are easily absorbed or other natural and organic ingredients are added that will boost absorption and increase efficacy.”

Dolores Hewitt, with her high potency Regale Health, supplement brand looks to offer the highest quality plant-based products, with natural organic non-GMO ingredients and of course maximum absorption. Planting a desire for lasting health and cultivating great ingredients is something Dolores Hewitt has been raised and trained to do all her life with passion and persistence.

She is looking for her supplements to help spout and flower greater wellness for her growing customer base. Learn more about benefits of optimal dietary supplementation by visiting Regale Health by clicking: http://bit.ly/Regale-Vitamins


About RegaleHealth.com
Regale Health is a New York based supplement company dedicated to producing the highest quality health products. It focuses on the 3 things necessary for an effective supplement: The highest quality plant-based products; Natural organic non-GMO ingredients and of course; and Maximum absorption. For more info, visit: http://bit.ly/Regale-Vitamins


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Dolores Hewitt