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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Sisters From Virginia Create the Newest Black-Owned Sleepwear Line

Donna and Deborah Taylor, the founders of Sleep Sassy Sleepwear

Nationwide — A pair of sisters from Virginia have started their own, unique sleepwear line for women called Sleep Sassy® Sleepwear. Donna and Deborah Taylor have been getting their company and products off the ground for more than two years and are now selling products online.

“You want something that’s comfortable and attractive,” Donna said. “People that have purchased love the look and feel of the fabric, and they like the way the sleepwear makes them feel.”

The sisters, originally from Newark, New Jersey, moved to Virginia to be closer to family and live together, and they both work from home in the corporate world; Donna for a credit card processing company and Deborah for a pharmaceutical company.

Donna said she got the idea from Deborah, who commented on her sleepwear one evening.
“As African Americans, part of our hair care routine has always been to protect our hair when we sleep,” Taylor said. “My sister commented on what I had on, which was a nightgown and a bonnet that didn’t match. It was not something you necessarily want to be seen in, in, or out of the house.”

Donna, a U.S. Army veteran, said it can be hard to find comfortable, attractive sleepwear while maintaining a coordinated look. It is also important as women age to look more polished and put together.

“It’s important to be comfortable,” she said. “We’re both of a certain age, so it can’t be too hot, can’t be too cold.

“I started looking for alternatives, so I thought, ‘Let me create my own.’”

Donna enjoys sewing, so she began experimenting with designs and fabric. The sisters have created all the designs for the sleepwear, and the manufacturing now is being done by a company with a long history in the business.

“It was a lot to learn as far as figuring out measurements, fabric and design terminology, and then basically doing all of that while we were still working full-time and caring for our mom and my daughter,” Donna said. “The process may not have been as long if we could’ve done it full-time, but we’re OK. We’re happy with the journey.”

On the other hand, Donna said the fun part has been coming up with their own designs and finding the right fabric.

The company sells nightgowns, pajama short sets, and pajama pants sets, all with matching, satin-lined bonnets. Robes, sleepshirts, and onesies are coming soon.

Donna said she has been surprised to get comments from the partners of some customers.
“The men love the look, and when their significant other wears the bonnet, they love seeing the coordination,” Donna said.

The website features sizes up to a 3X to be inclusive to as many women as possible.

Sleep Sassy® Sleepwear is a groundbreaking sleepwear brand, launched nationally earlier this year, which combines sleepwear with the healthy hair care practice of wearing a bonnet to protect the hair when sleeping.

The sleepwear consists of whimsical prints, eye-catching colors and is made from a high-quality fabric that is soft and breathable. The matching bonnet is lined with satin. Visit www.sleepsassy.com to see the collection.

For press inquiries, contact Donna Taylor at taylorlynn63@gmail.com or 973-767-3573.