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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Black Financial Expert Reveals Game-Changing Blueprint For Money Management and Financial Freedom in New #MoneyChat Book

Financial expert, Dorethia Kelly, offers dynamic insight and achievable strategies in her new book, #MoneyChat, to empower readers to get out of debt, manage their money and boost their credit score so they create a legacy of financial freedom.

Dorethia Kelly

Nationwide — Award-winning financial expert, Dorethia Kelly, has sparked a fresh debate around money management with the launch of her new book, #MoneyChat: How to Get out of Debt, Manage Your Money, and Create Financial Freedom.

A recent survey conducted by Capital One’s Mind Over Money found that 77% of Americans are anxious about their financial situation. The money anxieties were related to managing debt levels, keeping abreast with the cost of living, and not having enough money for retirement.

Hailed as the No-fluff Guide to Complete Financial Management, #MoneyChat is a comprehensive resource designed to help readers break the cycle of debt, fear, and limitation regardless of their income. Drawing from her years of financial expertise, client case studies, and her own experiences, Kelly approaches tough conversations on money using easy-to-understand financial terminology – laced with a dose of humor. Readers will be empowered with simple strategies to eliminate student loans, increase their credit score, map out a realistic budget, and more to fuel their journey to financial freedom.

But that’s not all. Far from the average personal finance book, #MoneyChat includes information and strategies on everything from how to get out of debt to navigating gambling issues. To reinforce the lessons taught in the book, Kelly includes easy assignments and a money mantra at the end of each chapter.

Kelly shares her journey and motivation for writing the book: “There was a time when I would tearfully pray for a miracle in my money.” She continues, “I didn’t grow up learning about money, except about being broke. So, once I mastered the art of money management, I wanted to create a resource that would simplify financial terminologies for people who haven’t had anybody talk about money and equip them with the tactics to tackle their money problems.”

#MoneyChat launched on April 18th during financial literacy month. Everyone who orders the book will be rewarded with exciting bonuses such as credit hacks to improve their credit score in 30 days, a #MoneyChat Book Club guide featuring video snippets on each chapter, #Money Mantras to transform money mindsets, and more.

#MoneyChat is available in paperback, hardcover, eBook, and audiobook formats. For further information or to order the book, visit MoneyChatBook.com

For bulk order inquiries, please see contact information.

About the Author
Dorethia Kelly is a Personal Finance and Business Coach, Author, and CEO of #MoneyChat ®. She is also the CEO of Work • Space • Spark™, a career growth and office décor subscription box. Dorethia is a Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Alumna and has been featured in various national media, including CNBC, Black Enterprise, U.S. News, USA Today, and Experian. Learn more at her website at DorethiaKelly.com

For press inquiries, contact media@dorethiakelly.com