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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Black Doctor Creates “My First Period Kit” and Leak-Proof Panties to Inspire Confidence During Menstrual Cycles

Dr. Amber Robins, founder of Sanxtuary MD

Nationwide — Meet Dr. Amber Robins, a medical doctor turned entrepreneur who is now the founder of Sanxtuary MD, a Black-owned brand committed to helping women learn about their bodies and manage their mensural cycles. The company’s new product line includes a “My First Period Kit” for young women and an innovative set of period panties that have been professionally crafted to celebrate womanhood.

Ushering girls into puberty the right way, the kit empowers young women to learn about their bodies and conquer menstruation. The kit includes one of Sanxtuary MD’s signature period panties, as well as a book, pen, jewelry, and supportive information regarding puberty topics to demystify an often confusing yet exciting milestone in a woman’s life and to educate in new and empowering ways.

Sanxtuary MD’s new period panties, a pair of which are included in each kit, feature a revolutionary design that keeps pads of all sizes in place using comfortable straps. Each pair is manufactured with absorbent bamboo fabric that can hold up to five tampons worth of liquid and delivers powerful moisture-wicking, leak-resistant, and breathable properties. Offering protection day and night, the new panties take important strides in inspiring confidence in women of all ages with a product that works for all body types and securely protects against slippage and leaks.

“My company helps women learn about their bodies and find effective products to manage their periods,” remarked Dr. Robins. “Our ‘My First Period Kit’ empowers young women, while our period panties solve the problem of heavy periods or nightly leaks. Together, we address the struggles of women worldwide and take some stress away from that special time each month,” she added.

Dr. Robins, a board-certified family medicine physician, founded Sanxtuary MD after reflecting on her personal experience with menstruation and the struggles of her female patients. Today, the company is a source of women’s health information starting from puberty and beyond.

To learn more, please visit the company’s official web site at SanxtuaryMD.com. Get 10% off all orders for a limited time by joining the email list.

For press inquiries, contact info@sanxtuarymd.com