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Monday, April 3, 2017

Dr. Milton D. Moore and Houston Police Department Announce a 5-Year Term Partnership to Address The Department’s Mandatory Grooming Policy

Dr. Milton D. Moore

Dr. Milton D. Moore, founder of Moore Unique Skin Care, LLC

Houston, TXMoore Unique Skin Care, LLC, has announced that a 5-year term professional relationship with the Houston Police Department (HPD) will help HPD Officers who suffer from Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (“PFB”), commonly known as “razor bumps”, access to dermatological products developed specifically to address the debilitating skin condition.

Through this professional relationship, Dr. Milton D. Moore and the HPD will continue to provide a viable option, as well as shaving relief, to men of all ethnic groups and the general population who experience skin irritation resulting from shaving in order to comply with the department’s revised grooming policy (G.O. 300-15). Moreover, in order to properly protect the Officers from biohazards, close shaves are necessary when using safety masks in order to achieve a tight seal for maximum protection from the chemical agents.

The Moore Unique Skin Care patented shaving technology called; “Hydroglide Ascend Shaving Gel and Skin Enhancer” is quickly absorbed into the skin and provides a superior, buffered shaving surface. By softening the hair follicle, users experience a closer shave with reduced friction and irritation that are the leading causes of PFB. The companion product, “Razor Rash Relief” is a soothing aftershave cream that prevents and eliminates razor burn and razor bumps.

Dr. Moore’s shaving system is so unique; It has received several U.S. patents and was used by several Army and Air Force shave clinics with great results.


About Moore Unique Skin Care, LLC
Dr. Milton D. Moore, a prominent Houston dermatologist and a clinical instructor at Baylor College of Medicine, Department of Dermatology. He has used his professional training and knowledge of pharmacology as a pharmacist to develop the Moore Unique Skin Care System, which includes a simple multi-step programs for men and women. Dr. Milton Rahmon Moore is Dr. Moore’s son and is a board certified dermatologist and is a consultant for the company to bring in new technology. The Moore Unique Shaving Solution and the Moore Unique Razor Rash Relief are registered trademarks of Moore Unique Skin Care, LLC.

For additional information contact: raul@mooreunique.com 713-741-3376 ext. 113 or visit www.mooreunique.com