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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Retired U.S. Naval Officer of 25 Years Teaches Black Entrepreneurs About Leadership Development

Dr. Tommy R. Nash

Nationwide — “You are here by purpose, not by circumstance,” says Dr. Tommy R. Nash, a native of Duck Hill, Mississippi, a rural Montgomery County establishment that is comprised of roughly 1,102 residents. Dr. Nash has a strategic mission through COGA Leadership Development and Instructor and is centered largely on ensuring that individuals and businesses fully grasp a thorough concept of the entire leadership complement.

A progressive, thriving business endeavor that went into operations in 2019, COGA, the nation’s number one leadership development and instructor customarily offers a variety of services (speaking engagements, email courses, leadership consulting and training, professional speaker, team building, leadership and motivation, effective leadership, leadership and communication, conflict management, emotional intelligence, empowerment), most notably what is known as Kick It Up Keynotes, Insight Through Interviews, and Constructive Consultation. Also, COGA Leadership Development and Instructor offers credible presentations including what is known as Into Your Purpose, Team Enablement, and Redefining Leadership, as mentioned on the company’s website at https://coga-thenations1lifeinstuctor.godaddysites.com/.

A retired U.S. Naval officer, Dr. Nash does not withdraw from the notion that his 25-year military career has contributed tremendously to the startup of COGA.

Given Dr. Nash’s expansive 25-year Naval Officer career, private industry (three years) and federal government (12 years) leadership background, culminating over, he feels that he can contribute immensely to the effectiveness of organizational leadership. The bottom line is that Dr. Nash sincerely wants to help people make greater achievements in their personal and business lives. Through guidance, mentorship, and instruction, COGA works together to propel lives and careers to the next level with intention and ownership. Nearly two years removed from having established his business, Dr. Nash has been professionally speaking since 1990.

Dr. Nash recently authored a book in which he details all areas of leadership entitled The Leading Edges: Leading from the Front, Back, Sides and Top to Bottom. This book supports and encourages current and emerging leaders to discover and demonstrate the leadership skills needed for optimum organizational goals. The specifics discussed in this book answer all leadership questions, as it thoroughly discusses all areas of leadership.

A longtime federal government employee, Dr. Nash earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Later, he acquired a Master of Business Administration from Strayer University and a Doctorate from Argosy University.