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Monday, June 5, 2023

Black Mom of 4 Who Built Million Dollar Beauty Brand Launches Free Webinar to Help Other Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Elektra Harris

Nationwide — Electra Harris, a proud mother of four kids, is using her experience as the founder of the 7-figure Black-owned brand, Mysteek Naturals, to host a free webinar to help other aspiring entrepreneurs who want to get started in the multi-billion-dollar Black beauty and hair industry. Her webinar is an interactive beauty and hair course that has 10 modules and 8 weeks of videos and downloadable resources that’s a deep dive into her personal profit accelerator system. It’s called “Beauty & Hair Business Secrets From a 7 Figure Earner” and it broadcasts live on Sundays at 7pm EST.

Electra is the perfect business mentor because of her success in building a million-dollar company that is known for its creation of a temporary hair color brand that is completely free of harsh chemicals. She says that she began developing the product in 2016 because, like so many other women, she was looking for an alternative to bleaching with permanent hair dyes and rinses. “Other products just weren’t giving me the vibrant popping color that I so badly wanted yet without the harmful chemicals,” she comments.

Electra has realized through her bootstrapping experience that many other product-based businesses lacked the proper knowledge on how to build a solid foundation for building their brand when going from the kitchen to the warehouse. She was reminded of how confused, lost, and frustrated she was trying to obtain resources but was only able to utilize the breadcrumbs given by service-based courses, seminars, and webinars here and there. She remembered the exuberant amounts of conferences, joining different masterminds that do not necessarily cater to product-based businesses, and trying to read books; that there aren’t many resources out there that truly shed a light on the huge differences in product based vs service-based businesses such as automation, systems, SOP’s, how to calculate ones cost of goods sold, profit margin analysis, and different analysis types needed when it comes to maintaining a product-based business.

Electra knows what it’s like to be single, have children, work a full-time job, be a first-generation entrepreneur, building and then scale a business all while taking care of her mother and trying to make time after work to give her business the breath of life she knows it needs to succeed. She knows how to go from the kitchen to the warehouse. From a warehouse to a third-party logistics and manufacturer. She knows what it’s like to need and fight to gain more funding to further one’s business to the highs you know it can go. She knows what it takes to be able to build a solid life for yourself, have momentum in your business and one day have to decide if will I leave this “safe job” to bet on myself in my business and my plan B will be for plan A to work.

As her success began to thrive within her current product-based brand she received more emails, texts, and social media direct messages asking tons of questions on where and how to start or when and how to scale their businesses. Their questions often came from their similar journey of scouring the internet to encounter mounds of confusing and conflicting information. Many had information overload and just did nothing because it mentally paralyzed them. She often had to explain that service-based businesses and product-based businesses have some significant similarities yet some critical differences that need to be shown and explained.

How to join the free webinar:
Click here to register for the free “Beauty & Hair Business Secrets From a 7-Figure Earner” webinar.

How to book a mini one-on-one strategy session with her:
Click here to book a date on her calendar.

For media inquiries, please contact info@mysteeknaturals.com

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