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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

This Entrepreneur Paid His All-Black Team of Employees $2.5M in Payroll and $1M in Commissions in 2021

Wealth strategist, Marcus Barney, is using his “Recession Proof” program to teach financial literacy, personal and business funding, investment strategies, coaching, and more.

Marcus Barney, founder of Recession Proof

Nationwide — Flipping the script for individuals and families nationwide during a pandemic that saw many people struggle with debt, wealth strategist and “Recession Proof” founder Marcus Barney reported a 2021 year-end payroll of $2.5 million and sales commission of $1 million to his all-Black team of employees. He has mentored more than 10,000 others on building wealth, getting out from the crushing load of debt, and becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, his multi-million-dollar Recession Proof program consists of financial literacy, personal and business funding, investment strategies, coaching, and more. Americans took on an additional $660 billion in new debt from the start of the pandemic, according to Moneygeek, while 42 percent of U.S. adults with credit card debt increased their balances. Recession Proof, on the other hand, helps entrepreneurs turn debt into dreams come true.

“The average American is nearly $100,000 in debt, which can literally destroy lives, families, and neighborhoods. That’s why I created Recession Proof—to help bridge this massive wealth gap, to train more successful entrepreneurs, and to empower others to turn their finances and their lives around,” Marcus said. “Sometimes entrepreneurship can feel very lonely and isolating. Our program is the exact opposite—it’s a family of entrepreneurs who support each other in their diverse small businesses.”

Marcus created his first business, buying and selling antique cars, at age 16, and acquired his real estate license two years later. He began mentoring others with a recession-proof mentality in 2018 and launched the successful Barney Aviation Group in 2021. With a strong focus on philanthropy, Marcus volunteers for a variety of nonprofit organizations and regularly donates to schools, holiday events, and more with an ongoing dedication to giving back and helping others.

“I know what it’s like to struggle, but I’ve also been fortunate to see the other side,” he added. “That’s why I’m so proud to invite others to join our thriving community of people who want to create generational wealth, find their feet on a strong financial foundation, and write their personal and business success stories.”

With the goal of spreading financial literacy to those who know what it is like to be disadvantaged, broken, and in America, Marcus Barney created Recession Proof, out-of-the-box strategies to change credit into cash, live luxuriously without spending extravagantly, and build generational wealth. He recently received the 8 Figure Club Award from Clickfunnels and Russell Brunson. For more information, visit the official web site at RecessionProofXtreme.com/sales

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