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Sunday, August 13, 2023

Black Mom Partners With Daughter and Son to Launch New Woke Lifestyle Brand For Babies

Founders of Born Woke

Nationwide — Erika Chesley, an African American mom from Pasadena, California, has partnered with her two children to launch Born Woke, a new lifestyle apparel brand offering a collection of adorable and comfortable infant bodysuits. Designed to keep babies stylish, the bodysuits are just one element of the brand. Valuable educational messaging and networking resources are provided to parents, recognizing their vital role as the first teachers in their child’s life.

This is the first in a series of seasonal drops for the Black woman-owned business. This release is just the beginning of an exciting journey. Plans include a subscription box program featuring age-appropriate Born Woke apparel paired with high-quality baby essentials and products sourced from other Black-owned businesses.

“I’m immensely proud of this family collaboration,” says Erika. “With two grandchildren and a third on the way, we’ve had deep discussions about the gaps and misrepresentation of Black History and contributions in school curriculum. BORN WOKE helps to fill these gaps, providing teachable moments for parents and allies throughout the customer journey. The expressive wearables and the ‘Did You Know’ campaign lay the foundation for early childhood learning and spark curiosity.

The 100% cotton signature infant bodysuits are versatile, perfect as a standalone outfit or as the first layer under clothing. Each color represents a notable aspect of Black culture. The inaugural color, buttermilk, holds a significant history beyond its association with Southern recipes-it played an important role during times of enslavement.

The bodysuits can be purchased online via the brand’s official website at BornWokeKids.com and at select cultural events and festivals.

In addition, parents, family members, and allies of babies and young children are encouraged to connect with Born Woke on Instagram @bornwokekids

Born Woke is an emerging lifestyle brand designed for adorable babies and appreciated by their progressive parents and loved ones. Born Woke is committed to filling the gaps in American History that are often excluded and normalizing early development of social consciousness. Our mission is to become a nationally recognized infant apparel company; to maintain our core focus and values while bringing our lifestyle message of cultural awareness and early education to future generations.

For press inquiries, contact 833-321-WOKE (9653) or info@bornwokekids.com