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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Black Scholar Releases Revised Canadian Black Empowerment Manifesto/ Blueprint 2.0

Errol A. Gibbs, writer of Black Empowerment Manifesto

Toronto, ON — Errol A. Gibbs’ inspiration to re-visit his original work, A Black Empowerment Manifesto (BEM), published in August 2020 (70 pages), came from Ryan O’Neil Knight, Executive Director, the Afro Caribbean Business Network (ACBN) Foundation Toronto, Canada. Ryan’s interest in the work led to a commission to pen a more extensive thesis on “Black empowerment.” The ground-breaking work, A Canadian Black Empowerment Manifesto (CBEM) Version 2.0. Volume 001, Revision 002, is an urgent call-to-action for “collective resolve” by Blacks in Canada to rise from “Black disempowerment” over the past 50 years (1970-2020) to “Black empowerment” over the next 50 years (2021-2071).

The 275 pages Manifesto, the brainchild of Errol Gibbs, principal researcher, and writer put forward a comprehensive analysis of some of the causes and effects of Black disempowerment, focusing primarily on “solution perspectives.” In addition, the Manifesto offers 15 Innovative Strategies to attain and sustain Black empowerment. Governments, corporate executives, and philanthropists are aware that “stop-gap” community program funding is crucial. Still, the greater need is to build permanent educational, academic, intellectual, medical, political, legal, justice, industrial, housing, and social and economic infrastructure to mitigate the cycle of historical problems plaguing Black communities in Canada, the United States, and worldwide.

The CBEM puts forward a clear definition of a Black Empowerment Vision Criteria (BEVC), defined as Holistic, Permanent, Macro-level, Job Creation, Wealth Creation, and Digital and Physical Infrastructure. These six criteria establish new benchmarks for these funding entities to better target their funding strategies towards tangible infrastructure initiatives for Black empowerment to rise permanently. More importantly, the Manifesto proposes three strategies fundamental to achieving measurable success. These include: (1) The Canadian Black Empowerment Manifesto (CBEM) to achieve the “Strategic Objectives,” (2) a Canadian Black Empowerment Think Tank (CBETT) to achieve the “Tactical Objectives,” and (3) and the nucleus of the CBETT, A Portfolio Management Office (PMO) to achieve the “Operational Objectives.”

Gibbs’ work also puts forward that Blacks have contributed to the first, second, and third Industrial Revolution through free labor and the genius of Black inventions. However, Blacks have not benefitted from the wealth created by Western Industrialization. Notwithstanding, Gibbs believes that as the world enters the transformational Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR or Industry 4.0), Blacks worldwide are at the “right intersection” in Black history, with a “new” awareness that can empower the “industrial mind,” which is indispensable for permanent wealth creation among Black nations.

Blacks have demonstrated the prowess to achieve the highest stature in every field of human endeavor. The critical need is to foster “collective resolve” from a perspective of spiritual awareness, culture cohesiveness, and civilization and industrial mindset. Gibbs’ pioneering work proposes creating a Black History Month Score Card (BHMSC) to measure progress each February on BHM across the full spectrum of Black achievements. He also aims to empower Black enterprises, non-profits, public/private partnerships, and for-profits, as a global imperative to inspire future generations.


Would you please click on the link to download a “free” PDF copy of the Manifesto (www.gibbshappinessindex.com/manifesto/)?

Also, click the ACBN GoFundMe link should you wish to support this Canadian Black empowerment initiative (GoFundMe.com/f/completing-the-black-empowerment-manifesto).

About Errol A. Gibbs, IVG, CET, PMP
Errol is a self-inspired researcher, writer, philosopher, mentor, and moderator. He practiced in Project Management and Business Management Process Re-Engineering Design in the Canadian energy industry and the automotive engineering and manufacturing sector of the United States. Errol relinquished his technical career in 2002 to study, research, write, and speak about human development, mainly to add new narratives to the pursuit of Black empowerment. Errol also believes that the “industrial mind” should be at “every roundtable” where Blacks seek to rise from “disempowerment” to “empowerment” permanently.

For press inquiries, contact Errol A. Gibbs at 905-875-4956 or info@gibbshappinessindex.com