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Monday, December 11, 2017

New Adult Novel Explores Betrayal, Whether Love Is Worth A Second Look

— Is there ever a good reason to take back your ex? —

Ex-Ray by Cheryl Robinson


Detroit, MI — A first anniversary, plans for a surprise romantic Hawaii vacation – and a spouse who left you for someone else. Now imagine your ex wants you back 27 years later and is willing to pull out all the stops to rekindle your love.

Social media has made reconnecting with people a breeze, even after decades. Many people start to reminisce in their middle age about their younger days and may seek out those they were once involved with romantically, making second-chance love a reality.

For author Cheryl Robinson, a native Detroiter and Wayne State University alumna, the idea for her eleventh novel started with the title, Ex-Ray. Having experienced divorce after only one year of marriage, Robinson knew she wanted the marriage between her characters Ray and Sarita Saint also to be short-lived. However, she wanted their journey apart and possible reconciliation to span decades.

Cheryl comments, “When you reconnect with someone after many years apart, you are meeting a brand-new person, hopefully. The book shows romantic love that involves people over 50 because, in my opinion, you do not see that enough. In Ex-Ray, readers get to experience the characters in their 20’s and see their growth and experiences over a 30-year period.”

Ex-Ray is available January 26, 2018, in paperback, e-book, and audiobook performed by the author. The second book of the Until Ray trilogy by Cheryl Robinson, it continues the story of Ray and Sarita Saint and those around them, taking on topics such as love, infidelity, mental illness, and domestic violence.

Ex-Ray captures the moment Ray leaves Sarita in 1988 to present day and is told from their alternating viewpoints. An adult novel, the intended audience is 18 years of age and older. The first book of the trilogy, Until Ray, is available as a free e-book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple iBooks, as well as other e-book retailers.

To request a review copy of Ex-Ray or for more information about Ex-Ray, the Until Ray trilogy or author Cheryl Robinson, please email: info@rosecoloredbooks.com.

Cheryl Robinson engages with readers through a website, Facebook and blog. She hosts monthly contests on www.untilraytrilogy.com/blog.

More information about the trilogy:

See the book trailer: www.Untilraytrilogy.com/booktrailer


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