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Thursday, February 8, 2018

New Film “Blink” Highlights the Dramatic Story of a Black Woman’s Struggle With Domestic Violence

— Houston-based filmmaker and director, Courtney JáPaul Glaudé, partners with AMC Theaters to expand his work by exploring genres with controversial subject matter. —

Blink Film

Artwork for the film

Nationwide — JáPaul Glaudé’ recently created a movie titled Blink based on the subject matter of Domestic Violence. For his work in the realm of what is an everyday nightmare for many women, the director’s work won an award at this year’s Los Angeles Film Festival, adding yet another accoldate to the career of Courtney JáPaul Glaudé. His prior film “ROW” won Best Short Film at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

Watch the trailer on YouTube:

Blink is now set to premier in select AMC theaters in Houston & Atlanta March 2nd through 8th.

How to RSVP:
Visit www.blinkthemovie.net

Blink is the dramatic story of Nailah Belle as the character tries to navigate the depths and effect of domestic violence. Belle discovers that the calmest seas are often the most turbulent below the surface. From the outside, the meticulous facade of Nailah and husband Chris’s relationship looks perfect. The community doesn’t suspect domestic violence exists in the home, but the violence is unbearable as Nailah seeks out perfection and is looped into a life of a domestic violence victim, showing how everything can change in just one blink.

Prior to Blink, Courtney JáPaul Glaudé, who is a Houston native also working heavily in the Atlanta area, has been part of the development of the Green-Eyed Theatre production company. He has spearheaded projects Pit Stop – a racially charged film, Row – focusing on reality not always existing as what is depicted, and Suicide – which is a charged music video. Along with these four feature pieces, the director and writer continue to work with a haste to develop projects rooted in subject matter that needs tactful attention.

“We love working with Courtney JáPaul Glaudé. There is something earnest about how he moves forward with a presenting an idea and translating it into the medium of film. Its quality over quantity and ThinkZILLA couldn’t be happier to be tied to his talent,” said Velma Trayham CEO of ThinkZILLA PR & Consulting Group.

Recently, by way of features in Great Day Houston and African American News, Courtney JáPaul Glaudé spoke about his former career in music, the birth of his daughter, struggles growing up, and his work as a model before and during the start of Green Eyed Theatre production company. He has also been interviewed for a feature in Houston Style Magazine and continues to develop corporate sponsorships for his media projects.

Courtney JáPaul Glaudé’s latest film, Blink is his first full length movie, which will hit theatres on March 2nd of 2018. A full list of theatrical showings may be accessed by www.greeneyedtheater.com/blinkthemovie

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Velma Trayham
Thinkzilla PR & Consulting Group LLC