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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

First in History Black Beauty Supply Training Center That Teaches Store Ownership Opens in Atlanta Metro Area

Beauty Supply Institute Training Team in Retail Store

Training team in retail store

Nationwide — Beauty Supply Institute, a training and consulting organization founded in 2007 by former business & economics professor and 3-time store owner Devin Robinson, began with offices and rented training rooms. Beauty Supply Institute has opened 87 beauty supply stores across America, Canada and the Caribbean. However, in November 2016, the organization expanded into hands-on training by moving its headquarters into a 5,000 square foot facility that now houses its headquarters, training rooms, consulting rooms and a fully functioning beauty supply store.

Shelly’s Beauty Supply Store & Training Lab, a full-scale over-the-counter retail store, now gives current and aspiring store owners the ability to get trained for competitiveness in a one-stop shop environment. The store operations will serve the people of Atlanta, while catering to students in need of actual hands-on training that have historically travelled from across the country.

The new Beauty Supply Institute headquarters is state of the art with the latest technology components, training resources, and more. Beauty Supply Institute operates the Beauty Supply Academy, a 6-month training program for future store owners who will now not only gain theory but the practical hands-on experience in a live environment.

Beauty Supply Institute has also been hosting conferences for the past 7 years in places like Atlanta, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, Cleveland, St. Louis and New York. “It has been a vision I’ve continuously worked to bring to life ever since I was threatened with a golf club in 2005 by a Korean beauty supply store owner while I was shopping… To have assisted so many people in realizing their own dream of store ownership while bringing jobs and money back to my community is a dream come true,” said Founder and Program Director, Professor Devin Robinson.

Beauty Supply Institute’s new location is at 5015 Floyd Road Suite 300, Mableton, Georgia. For more details, visit www.beautysupplyinstitute.com

For more information, contact Ronnalyn Simmonds at Beauty Supply Institute at 404-551-4398 or email ronnalyn@beautysupplyinstitute.com.


Ronnalyn Simmonds
Beauty Supply Institute

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