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Monday, September 14, 2020

Florida Pastor Reportedly Killed His Wife Because She Was Cheating With the Choir Director

Pastor Sylvestor Ofori who killed his wife

Nationwide — Sylvester Ofori, a Ghanaian pastor from Orlando, Florida, shot and killed his wife, Barbara Tommey, after reportedly discovering that she was having an affair with another man who is a member and choir director at his church. She was also reportedly pregnant with his child.

According to YEN, some reports are circulating the idea that Ofori found out about the affair when his wife mistakenly sent him nude photos and videos of herself that were intended to her lover.

The reports also say that he eventually found out that his wife was even having sex with the choir director in their own home. He even saw a video of them taken in the jacuzzi.

Ofori went to his wife’s workplace at the Navy Federal Credit Union in Orlando on September 8 and shot his wife to death. The incident was recorded by a surveillance camera nearby.

Police have confirmed that Ofori has since been arrested.