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Monday, November 14, 2022

Founder of the Largest Black-Owned Oral Care Company in the World Celebrates 10 Years in Business

Philip Garner, founder of Garner's Garden

Nationwide — Philip Garner, the founder and CEO of Garner’s Garden, a trendsetting all-natural oral care and skincare company is celebrating 10 years in business this year. The black-owned business, now a global brand, is the one-stop-shop for those looking for natural and affordable alternatives to the chemical-laden over-the-counter products scientists have linked to many health problems over the years.

Philip pioneered the company with his world-famous All-Natural Mouthwash and Tooth Powder, then again with his groundbreaking invention of Oxy Pulling Mouthwash, an alternative to the oil-pulling method that takes 30 seconds to achieve 10 times the results of oil pulling and every other oral rinse on the market.

“Our products have changed people’s lives,” Philip Garner said. “We’re proud to be fluoride-free and 100% All-Natural. We’re helping people by saving mouths which translates into saving lives. That’s why we do it!”

And that message has catapulted Garner’s Garden from a humble business started in a basement with $800 and a dream into a global brand offering 100% All-Natural Facial Care, Body Care, Baby Care, Hair Care, Men’s Care, Oral Care, and an assortment of other safe and clean natural beauty products.

And Garner’s Garden shows no signs of slowing down. Last year alone, the business shipped out over 250,000 products to over 30,000 customers, compiling over 8,000 5-star customer reviews.

“We will continue to do the right thing for our customers because that’s what we believe in and that’s what our customers expect and deserve,” Philip said. “We’re not going anywhere, and I can’t wait for the next ten.”

For more details, visit the official web site at GarnersGarden.com

Philip Garner started Garner’s Garden in 2012 with one goal in mind – to make 100% affordable and all-natural skincare products and to help, “Heal the World.” First available at local farmer’s markets and local events, Garner’s Garden has grown into the largest black-owned oral care company in the world.

For press inquiries, contact Sean Rose at content@garnersgarden.com or 301-539-3876