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Thursday, March 10, 2022

Founder Launches Virtual School For Young Black Girls to Learn Etiquette, Financial Literacy, and More

Tamika Adams, founder of Empress and Pearls

Nationwide — Former educator turned entrepreneur Tamika Adams is creating safe spaces for young Black girls, training them in etiquette and equipping them with the necessary skills to be successful young women. The organization also inspired her to author her debut book, 7 Keys to Starting a Mentoring Organization for Black Girls which was released this month.

Through her organization, The Empress and Pearls Inc., Adams began hosting virtual cohorts for school-aged girls in 2019 where she guided them on dining, teas, scholarships, health and wellness, leadership and even financial literacy. By 2021, the girls were putting their skills into practice at in-person mansion retreats and tea parties. “These days, a lot of young women do not have positive role models to look up to so I stepped in to be a mentor to show them what seems to be a lost art when it comes to manners, etiquette, and showcasing their intelligence,” said Adams. “This began in Atlanta but we now have girls from Florida, Maryland, and other states participating. It’s more than just giving them a book to read or teaching them. It’s about cultivating the minds of young women of color through motherly guidance, mentorship, and education.” Adams said even the name of her group is to remind girls of their value.

“The pearl is symbolic in the sense that it is a gem that is rich in character, yet powerful in impact,” said Adams. “These girls are the pearls that will do greater than our ancestors who have blessed our vision and stand with us as we journey through life.”

Adams wants to see more organizations for Black girls and wrote 7 Keys to Starting a Mentoring Organization for Black Girls.

“The purpose of this book is to inspire and encourage others to consider leading in this space as well,” said Adams. “Everyone can grow together. This book is certainly something I am passionate about and dedicated to all the young women who will come after me. For me, imparting the wisdom and experience is very important in our community because it is about leaving a legacy and building generational wealth beyond finances.”

For more information and registration, visit EmpressandPearlsInc.com

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