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Friday, August 2, 2019

Black Entrepreneur to Use His Own Money to Provide 1,000 Teachers’ Classrooms With School Supplies

Freddie Figgers, founder of Figgers Communications

Freddie Figgers, founder of Figgers Communications

Nationwide — Freddie Figgers, founder and CEO of Figgers Communications, recently had a chance to speak at a public school in Florida. While he was there, he met a 68-year old teacher that was spending her own personal money to buy supplies for her classroom. Freddie said to himself, “How can a teacher focus on education while they are underpaid and being forced to use their own money to supply their classrooms?”

This one particular teacher was living pay check to pay check, and she was 4 months past due on her home and car payments. But she still was spending her own money proudly to support her classroom. As beautiful as this gesture was, it was also a big issue. Freddie immediately jumped into action with hesitation to save this teacher with her current situation.

He says he simply could not stop thinking about all the other teachers that must be in her same position. Too many teachers are being forced to come out their own pocket to supply their classrooms.

Freddie comments, “This is the public sectors’ job, but we shouldn’t have to rely on the public sector. Every school year, we see back to school book-bag drives which are great, but we forget all about the teachers. This has to stop. Our teachers do so much for our kids, we must look out for them.”

So this is what Freddie Figgers is going to do: Freddie will be using his own personal resources to supply 1,000 teachers’ classrooms with all the supplies they’ll need to have a successful school year.

If you know a teacher that has used their own money to supply their classroom, please visit FiggersFoundation.org to add their name and school to the supply list. Figgers is going to help!

Watch Freddie’s comments below:


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