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Tuesday, July 18, 2023

George Fraser to Unite 1,000 Black Entrepreneurs/ Professionals at 23rd Annual PowerNetworking Conference

George Fraser

Nationwide — The 23rd Annual PowerNetworking Conference (PNC) will take place August 2-5, at Hilton America’s Houston, TX. Attendees will learn how to build effective relationships, build and scale 21st-century businesses, and build and manage wealth. They will have the opportunity to effectively network with prominent national and global leaders and speakers and like-minded attendees.

A major announcement of the Black Business Legacy Hall of Fame, Museum & Metaverse targeted for Atlanta, Ga by 2030 will be introduced and revealed at the PNC.

“For the first time in our history we will memorialize and celebrate with an iconic building the enormous contribution Black people have made globally to business development and capitalism within the African diaspora,” said Dr. Fraser

PNC is widely recognized as America’s largest continuously held conference in the world for Black executives, business professionals, and entrepreneurs. This year, the PNC is expected to draw more than 1000 attendees from around the world. In 2015, the PNC was named one of the “Top 5 Conferences in America Not to Be Missed” in America by Forbes Magazine.

“I’m overjoyed to have been the first Black Conference to be selected for this prestigious annual recognition from the premier business magazine in the world. We have always felt this way, but now the world knows it,” said Fraser.

Since its inception in 2002, the PNC has secured $1.7 billion in new business and deal flow for Black-owned businesses.

The PNC was started in Cleveland, Ohio in 2002 and has been held in cities such as Atlanta, Dallas and National Harbor, MD, and now Houston. Its next stop is Charlotte, NC 2024-26.

It was created by international speaker, author, and networking guru, Dr. George C. Fraser, Chairman of FraserNet, a 38-year-old highly respected company focused on teaching effective networking, mission-driven entrepreneurship, and building and managing wealth.

Sponsors of the 2023 PNC include: Microsoft, Cisco, Fortune Brands, Disney, Sysco, Bank of America, Covenant Global Access, and ComproTax. Key components of PNC include presentations from Dr. Randal Pinkett, Kim Roxie, Tavis Smiley, and Dr. Cheryl Wood. There are over 40 workshops/lectures/panels featuring 54 global experts, two awards luncheons, a National Town Hall meeting, and networking events designed to uplift African American business owners and leaders and encourage African Americans to scale their businesses to make lasting community impact. “We must learn, earn and return”, proclaims Dr. Fraser

The 2023 expert line-up includes but is not limited to:

• Reverend Dr. Freddie Haynes, Pastor, Friendship West Baptist Church, TX
• Dr. Randal Pinkett, CEO, BCT Partners, Inc. NJ
• Tavis Smiley, SmileyAudioMedia, Inc., CA
• Dr. Michael Roberts, CEO, The Roberts Group, MO
• Linda Clemons, CEO, Sisterpreneur, IN
• Anthony Browder, Director, ASA Restoration Project, DC
• Dr. Linus Okorie, CEO, GOTNI, Lagos, Nigeria
• Dr. George C. Fraser. Founder/CEO, FraserNet, Inc. OH

The following individuals will receive the 2023 Icon of Excellence Award at the PNC Luncheons:

Gloria Johnson Goins
DEI Leader, Cisco

Dr. Kwa David Whitaker
Enstooled Chief, Atonkwa, Elmina, Ghana
Rites of Passage & Leadership Expert

Dr. Stacie NC Grant
National President, Zeta Phi Beta

Kim Roxie
Top Speaker/Writer/Business Owner

Dr. Cheryl Wood
Top Speaker/Writer/Business Owner

Delano A. Johnson
Celebrated Brand Architect

Dr. Taiwo Afolabi
International Business Owner, Lagos Nigeria

For more information about the 2023 PowerNetworking conference, visit FraserNet.com or PowernetworkingConference.com

For press inquiries, contact Pam Perry PR at 248-690-6810 or staff@pamperrypr.com