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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Virginia Pastor Who Defied Social Distancing Has Died After Contracting COVID-19

Bishop Gerald Glenn who died from Coronavirus

Nationwide — Bishop Gerald O. Glenn, the 66-year old pastor and founder of New Deliverance Evangelistic Church in Chesterfield, Virginia, has reportedly died from COVID-19. He allegedly defied warnings to avoid religious gatherings and still continued to preach that “God is larger than this dreaded virus” before contracting the coronavirus.

When authorities started to advise social distancing, Glenn still apparently held in-person church services and said he would keep preaching “unless in jail or the hospital.” A day after his sermon on March 22, the state officially banned all gatherings of 10 people or more.

A few days after, Glenn tested positive of COVID-19. He was taken to the hospital where his condition continued to worsen even with a ventilator. He sadly died of COVID-19 on April 11, church officials announced on Facebook.

Moreover, his 65-year old wife, Mother Marcietia Glenn, their daughter, Mar-Gerie Crawley, and 2 other family members have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Church members held a vigil to mourn the death of Bishop Glenn. Senator Tim Kane of Virginia also expressed his grief on his death.

“My heart sinks as I learn this morning that Bishop Gerald Glenn, pastor of New Deliverance Evangelistic Church, died yesterday from COVID-19,” Kaine wrote on Twitter the day after his death. “He was a friend and pillar of Richmond faith community. May all do as much for so many.”