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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Author’s New Book “Jailed By Lust” Gives Black Teens a Fresh Perspective on Potential Real Life Situations

Gerard C. Cole

Nationwide — The concept of summer love has captivated the human psyche for centuries. While passion, romance, and throwing caution to the wind are certainly appealing in romantic comedies and Hollywood films, the reality is often not so glamorous. In his new book, Jailed By Lust — Released By Love, Gerard C. Cole Sr. tells a touching tale of a whirlwind summer romance with a hard dose of reality.

Jailed By Lust — Released By Love follows the fictional story of Damien and Sheila as sparks fly amid their hormone-fueled love affair. As their steamy summer sizzles, Sheila begins to suspect that she may be expecting. Throwing a wrench into his plan of attending the University of his choice on a full scholarship, Damien is less than understanding and tensions begin to drive the two apart.

“Everyone makes poor choices, and we’re especially prone when we are young. But all we can do is own it and move forward with grace and inspired action to do better.”

Damien’s reaction triggers the traumatic memories of Sheila’s past when she was threatened and forced into doing things she did not want to do with her former boyfriend. Feeling heartbroken, alone, and scared, she turns to Travis, who becomes idyllic refuge amid the chaos.

“There are so many other ways to solve our issues that don’t involve violence. Let me be your example that no one wins with violence.”

The novel is full of brilliant subliminal messages to captivate readers and create a sense of understanding of what teens are going through during a very ripe age in their lives. Full of heart-pumping twists, the captivating coming-of-age novel was masterfully designed to inspire a deeper understanding of hope, faith, healing, and love

The book is available on Amazon and via the author’s website at ReleasedByLove.com

About the author
Gerard C. Cole Sr is a writer, talent manager, entrepreneur, and author of Jailed By Lust – Released By Love, a touching story of hope, faith, healing, and love. Born in the Bronx, Gerard C. Cole Sr’s upbringing was less than ideal. At the young age of nine, Gerard was taken from his home, separated from his ten siblings, and sent to foster and group homes where he would spend his youth and adolescent years. Once he turned eighteen, the system turned him out on the street and left him to his own devices to survive. Despite his challenging upbringing, Gerard never blamed anyone, not even his parents, for any of the misfortunes in his life. A strong man of faith and conviction, Gerard has made it his life mission to be the best person he can be while also sharing love and knowledge with young adults, so that they, too, can become the best version of themselves that they can be.

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