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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Scientific Discovery Reverses Gray Hair to its Natural Color

— Restores African American Hair To Its True Color With No Harmful Chemicals —

African American Gray Hair Reversed

Hairprint color results

Sausalito, CA — The Nature of Hair, LLC (dba Hairprint) announces the commercial availability of Hairprint®, a revolutionary treatment for the reversal of gray hair.  Hairprint restores gray hair to its natural color in 75 minutes by mirroring the natural process of hair pigmentation. The product is effective for all shades of black and brown hair, for all hair textures, but is particularly effective for people of African American or Afro Caribbean descent. Hairprint was recently featured on NBC’s Today Show and is quickly gaining additional national recognition.

Hairprint conditions and strengthens the hair, providing a fuller, thicker look and feel with improved resistance to hair breakage caused by mechanical or thermal stresses from regular styling or from the use of chemical treatments. Hairprint works whether the hair is worn naturally or has been altered by heat or chemical relaxers.

This innovative treatment is the result of four years of intensive research by the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry LLC. Rather than trying to dye gray hair with an overpowering and invasive process involving a long list of chemicals, Dr. John Warner created a treatment that restores the natural melanin that is missing from gray hair. Using patented technology, Hairprint consists of eight food-grade ingredients, is 100% environmentally friendly, and is gentle and safe enough for people who cannot use hair dyes including those in cancer remission, pregnant and nursing mothers, and those with chemical sensitivities.

“Hairprint is the only product on the market with this revolutionary approach to gray hair restoration.  We are all very excited at our labs to see our invention making its way to all people who demand high quality products that are more healthy for themselves, their families and the environment,” said Dr. Warner, President and CTO of WBI.

“I care deeply about the health and well-being of all my customers based on trust in the people and the products in my salon,” said Willie Glaze in Michigan. “In thirty years as a licensed cosmetologist, I have seen many colorants and many promises. Hairprint is the gentlest color product I have ever seen. And I knew it in the first seconds of initial use because there was absolutely no harsh chemical smell. It is very easy to apply, works fast, and the gray hair restoration to lasting natural color is outstanding. Hairprint also left the hair with an incredibly healthy feel and appearance.”

“I started to turn gray in my mid-30’s so for 20 years now I had been looking for a product to color my hair without all those chemicals that I can’t pronounce,“ said Sallee Williams, a registered nurse in Kansas. “My search is now over. Without any toxic smells, without any skin irritation I usually experience with traditional dyes, and especially now that I am converting to natural hairstyles after a lifetime of harsh chemical relaxers, what Hairprint has helped me do is just awesome. I am ecstatic I decided to try it and I am a loyal Hairprint user forever.”

Hairprint is available online from The Nature of Hair, LLC at www.myhairprint.com.

About Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry, LLC
The Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry, founded in 2007 by John Warner and Jim Babcock, is an invention factory that creates sustainable technologies for all industries that are touched by the chemical enterprise. For more information please visit www.warnerbabcock.com

About The Nature of Hair, LLC (dba Hairprint)
Hairprint is a small science-based company in Sausalito, California. Since the dawn of history, women and men all over the world have used minerals and plant-based pigments to adorn their skin and hair. In the past 100 years this deeply human practice has become toxic. Hairprint wanted to change that. Working closely with WBI, Hairprint intends to introduce other highly innovative products that support beauty, health, and the environment.


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