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Monday, December 21, 2015

African American Auction House Spreads Its Wings Globally

Madonna by Brenda Joysmith

“Madonna” by Brenda Joysmith is one of the items exclusively auctioned at the Hearne Southern Auction House

Little Rock, AR — Founder and CEO Archie Hearne and his wife Garbo Hearne have decided to expand their art empire into a global auction market. Archie Hearne is a physician, collector and auctioneer. With the assistance of his wife Garbo who is a gallerist and an art appraiser with a certification in African American Art.

Together they have created a business model that relies on a very sophisticated web platform to allow their product to be viewed by wider collector/customer base. They have also contracted with an established web-based online auction house (LiveAuctionners) that exclusively deals in fine art.

Hearne Southern Auction House is a subsidiary of the Hearne Art Consortium. The consortium also consists of Hearne Fine Art, Hearne Fine Art Consulting and Appraisal Services.

Founded in June 1988, Hearne Fine Art strives to carry out a mission rooted in education and recognizes and promotes the power of African-American art in the quest to generate and sustain generational wealth. The growth of the business has been shaped by the needs and desires of the community and the hope to remain an ever evolving work in progress.

Hearne Fine Art has grown and evolved into a dynamic conduit for the preservation and promotion of African-American fine art. From humble beginnings, this gallery has overcome market stagnation and numerous adversities to solidify itself as a pillar within its artistic community and the art world at large. Hearne Southern Auction House is a natural evolution of the transition into the auction marketplace.

Hearne states, “Hearne Southern Auction House looks forward to serving a wider population of interested buyers of African American fine art globally. We have quality and valuation in every work of art we sell.”

Auctions are held online year-round and live auctions are held quarterly at the Little Rock location at 1853 South Ringo Street. For more details, call (501) 349 6797 or visit www.hearnesouthernauction.com


Hearne Southern Auction House