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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Black-Owned Streaming Platform Releases Its First Original Film, “Workplace Drama,” Worldwide in Partnership With Tamera Hill Productions

Tamera Hill has graced the stage of multiple streaming platforms including Netflix, Pureflix, BET+, Amazon Prime, and others.

Tamera Hill, Founder of Workplace Drama

Nationwide — Tamera Hill, in collaboration with Hidden Gem Entertainment TV, announces the debut of this electrifying musical comedy about the workplace and stereotypical employees and their workplace dramas that follow them home.

Mrs. Hill is known for producing top-quality films and plays in the entertainment industry via the big screen and stage, now expanding niche content to the world through independent filmmaking on the streaming platform Hidden Gem Entertainment TV.

“Workplace Drama, All Play and No Work”

With its stunning cast starring Daphnique Springs, a sassy, smart, sophisticated comedian, actress, and writer who has taken over Los Angeles with her wit; Lexi Allen, a star-studded gospel singer extraordinaire and known for her social media comedic influence; Samson Logan, a national recording artist, actor, and author standing center stage in plays produced by the talented Je’Caryous Johnson; Y’Anna Crawley, a contemporary gospel singer and musician, best known for her performances on BET’s Sunday’s Best; and introducing newcomers Tre Ryan, William Buckhalter, Comedian Kenny Mock, Shameia Crawford and more.

Watch this aesthetically eye-pleasing musical film with nonstop laughter, drama, and epic singing streaming on HiddenGemTV.tv, and also with access on Roku, Firestick, and Apple TV.

Learn more about Tamera Hill Productions at TameraHillProductions.com

For press inquiries, contact info@tamerahillproductions.com