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Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Hip-Hop Magazine Created to Empower Indie and Unsigned Music Artists — First Issue Has Quickly Gained Thousands of Readers

Best Artist Rep Magazine

Magazine cover

Fort Myers, FL — TV producer, author and entertainment manager Steven Jennings has created a new music entertainment publication called Best Artist Rep Magazine, but Jennings isn’t new to the entertainment industry. In 2001, he created a hip-hop TV show called The Cipher Show, which went on to air on several TV stations in southwest Florida, including the former WB, the former UPN, Comcast and the current MyNetworkTV.

In 2004, he aired the show in Los Angeles on KJLA. He also created and hosted a radio show on the former WYBA/WYCA in Chicago. The TV show had over 20 celebrity cameos before it went off the air. He went on to pen several books during his hiatus from television which include a book of poetry and an urban science fiction novel.

In 2014, he got Royce Lovett signed to Motown Gospel, a major record label. After becoming Royce’s manager, Steven Jennings decided to create a new mechanism to assist artists of multiple music genres in getting record deals. He called the project BestArtistRep.com, and the Rep has multiple meanings, from repertoire to representation. The website was moving slowly, gaining a dedicated following when suddenly in August of 2014 Steven’s wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor which required an immediate craniotomy. She later experienced complications which landed her on life support for several weeks. The entire experience forced Steven to spend many hours in the hospital, sitting by her side with nothing but his laptop computer. During this devastating period, Steven conceived the idea and created Best Artist Rep Magazine. His publication is intended to provide publicity for artists who have difficulty reaching the mass media with their message.

His wife eventually awoke, and as Steven nursed her back to health, he released his first magazine to the general public. Since its early release in December of 2014, the magazine has gained over 11,000 viewers and thousands of fans on social media. Steven intends for Best Artist Rep Magazine to become a trusted source of music news for the entertainment industry and the general public. His philosophy is based on the premise that over the years, and after working with hundreds of unsigned artists, he intimately understands what it feels like to be on the unsigned artist grind. Steven Jennings recently said in an interview, “It doesn’t always matter if you have talent, or a great idea, if you don’t have a decent budget, investors or some type of vehicle to drive your message to the masses.”

As a result, Steven Jennings can truly relate to the plight of both an unsigned artist and the hood entertainment industry entrepreneur behind them. Best Artist Rep Magazine’s formula involves keeping a finger on the pulse of the next generation in the streets, while keeping a foot in the office and bridging the gap between talented signed and unsigned artists. His next issue is set to be released in February of 2015.

About Best Artist Rep:
Best Artist Rep, created by Steven Jennings, provides marketing, public relations and A&R services for signed, indie and unsigned artists. Steven Jennings aka Mikey Jukes, has a Master of Science degree from Illinois State University and 13 years of experience in TV production, special events promotions, public relations, artist promotions and marketing. For more details, visit www.BestArtistRep.com

Steven Jennings