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Friday, January 4, 2019

How Chance the Rapper Gives Back to Chicago

Chance the Rapper

Nationwide — Chancellor Bennet (better knowns as Chance the Rapper) is a Chicago native who has used his success within the music industry to help the city he calls home. The citizens of Chicago have a special place for Chance in their hearts due to all his charitable efforts—they widely regard him as a pillar of support within the community. Even though there’s no way to fully sum up how Chance the Rapper gives back to Chicago, we’ve put together a quick timeline of his good deeds over the years.


• Launched #SaveChicago – an anti-violence campaign that aims to silence violent activity during one of the most statistically violent points of the year.


• The Get Schooled Program raised $100,000. Chance along with other contributors were able to provide six elementary schools with new technology.

Teamed up with The Empowerment Plan. The partnership launched the Warmest Winter project, which provides self-heating, water-resistant jackets to the homeless. These jackets can also covert into sleeping bags.

• Chance started hosting open mic nights as a creative outlet for young artists at the Chicago Cultural Center.


• Led fans to the voting polls after a free concert to encourage Chicago citizens to vote during the November 2016 election. More than 7,000 people joined him.

Teamed up with STATE Bags to donate 30,000 backpacks to children residing in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

• Launched SocialWorks Chicago. This program empowers youth through art, education, and civic engagement.


• Formed a partnership with Lyft that lets riders round up their fare; the extra change goes toward the New Chance: Arts & Literature fund.

• Donated $1 million of his own personal earnings toward the Chicago Public School Foundation. At the same time, he called upon businesses and corporations to donate money. He promised that for every $100,000 donated, he’ll add an additional $10,000. Within that month alone Chance’s fundraising efforts brought in $2.2 million.


• Partnered with the Great Wolf Lodge in the suburb of Gurnee to create a summer camp for city kids. The program is called Kids of the Kingdom and is in the works to become an annual event.

• Produced and headlined the Special Olympics 50th Anniversary concert and shed some light on the Special Olympics athletes of Chicago

• Announced he will host the first ever Twilight Awards. Twilight Awards will be given to teachers, parents, principals, and students who convey leadership.

• Pledges $1 million toward mental health in the city through his new initiative under the SocialWorks foundation My State of Mind.

At just 24-years old, Chance has done an impressive amount of work for the city of Chicago. The honest, hard-working musician is an example of how one’s success can be used to create a serious impact within communities around the world. Join Chance and his proactive efforts by donating or volunteering with SocialWorks Chicago today.